Exhibits from the Archives

Watercolor of Fletcher, Scott, and Bernard Halls

Pitzer’s Architects

Pitzer College was built in 1964 on a firm bed of modernism. In an impressive marriage of scholarly aspirations and modernist design, Pitzer’s first buildings, designed by the local architectural firm of Criley + McDowell, manifested that innovative forward thinking.

Pitzer’s Pioneers

In 1964 when Pitzer College opened its doors, 153 women from 19 states and five other countries came to the College. The charter class of 1968 attended to their herculean task of “building a college” and attained an education that stretched far beyond their classroom walls.

Pitzer’s Presidents: 1963-2016

Learn about the men and women selected to stand at the helm of the College: a poet, an outspoken progressive, a pragmatist, a structural activist, and an ambitious transformer.

Radical Roots of Pitzer: Part 1

This exhibit explores the principles, attitudes, and aspirations underlying the ideas about the College. This first part explores the development of Pitzer’s institutional and educational character.

Radical Roots of Pitzer Part 2: Environmental Sustainability

This exhibit explores the beginning of Pitzer’s Environmental Studies program and the core value of Environmental Sustainability. John Rodman, Carl Hertel, and Paul Shepard were professors who were instrumental in shaping this ethos and whose legacy continues today.

Arthur Dubinsky: The Life and Times of Pitzer College

Arthur Dubinsky: The Life and Times of Pitzer College

A collection of images taken by photographer Arthur Dubinsky, who chronicled the early years of the college, were displayed in conjunction with the College’s 50th anniversary celebration.