Arthur Dubinsky: The Life and Times of Pitzer College

As part of Pitzer College’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2014, an exhibit of the photographs of Arthur Dubinsky, organized by the Pitzer College Art Galleries and the Pitzer Archives, was displayed in the McConnell Center Founders Room. Initially meant to be a temporary exhibit, it has remained on display.

An art catalog was published in conjunction with the exhibit. The photographs selected for the catalog, just a few of thousands of images, are shown here.

About Arthur Dubinsky

Photographer Arthur Dubinsky on April 14, 1966

Arthur Dubinsky, a street photographer also known for his work documenting migrant farm workers, recorded the early years of the College in his unique documentary style. These remarkable images show us what Pitzer was from 1964, before the first students arrived in the fall, until 1985. He took most of his photos from 1964-1970 during President John Atherton’s tenure.

For captions and larger photographs, click on the photos. Essays and full text are available in the art catalog (PDF).




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