Collections and Resources

The Claremont Colleges Archives
The Archives are an extensive collection of the Claremont Colleges maintained by Special Collections of the Claremont Colleges Libraries.

Annual Reports

Catalogs and Bulletins

The Grove House
Clipping, photos and history of Pitzer’s iconic Craftsman bungalow.

History of Select Pitzer Administrative Positions

Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival
Kohoutek in the News

Letter from Pitzer College, 1963-1965
Letter From Pitzer College was the very first publication to emerge from the new institution.

Murals and Outdoor Art

The Participant Collection
The Participant is a magazine published by and about Pitzer College.

Pitzer Commencement Dates and Speakers, 1965-present

Pitzer History Project
The Pitzer History Project was started in 1968. It is a growing collection of oral history interviews with students, faculty, emeriti, and staff.

The Other Side
Student publication beginning in 1979.

Blast from the Past!