50th Anniversary Campaign

The 50Forward Campaign – a $50 million fundraising initiative to drive Pitzer’s academic excellence into our second half-century.

In 2014, Pitzer College celebrates 50 years of innovation and impact in the world. This milestone calls for more than just congratulations—in this moment, Pitzer commits to provide our remarkable students with even deeper support. Tackling the challenges and opportunities of today while looking toward our 50th anniversary and the future beyond, it is imperative we enable students and faculty to do the best they can possibly do and become the best they can possibly become: right this very second and into the indefinite and exciting future.

Pitzer has engaged in a thoughtful planning process and identified key areas for investment that will allow us to advance our mission, build our community of intellectual vitality and provide state-of-the-art facilities for our students and faculty.

  • Expand Student Aid
  • Strengthen Academic Programs
  • Improve Critical Facilities
  • Increase Annual Support and Alumni Participation

The influence that Pitzer can and will wield is dependent on the level of support acquired. The people, the programs, the capital projects: each plays a role in the distinctive mixture that comprises what Pitzer is and what it can become; and each requires important investments to carry on toward its highest potentiality.

To be successful, we will draw upon the affection and generosity of our alumni, parents, close friends and other philanthropic partners. We hope you will familiarize yourself with our Campaign Initiatives and the many naming opportunities that are available to potential donors.

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