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Meeting our 35 student workers is certainly the highlight of the Pitzer visit experience. Get to know our Tour Guides, Admission Fellows, Diversity Interns, Overnight Visit Coordinators and Operations Assistants.

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Pitzer College graduates go on to be changemakers in their fields. Find out more about our distinguished alumni and related programs! Want to connect with a Pitzer alum to see what life after college is all about?

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Learn from Pitzer Professors

Pitzer College Professor Emma Stephens

Dr. Emma Stephens
Professor of Economics

“I love teaching my agricultural economics class. It’s community based and really shows students how what they learn in class can be used in the ‘real world.’ Huerta del Valle, a community garden and farm, is considering planting avocado trees. I had my students investigate how long each tree would take to grow, cost to plant and maintain, and how much they could make in avocado sales.”

Pitzer College Professor Brian Keeley

Dr. Brian Keeley
Professor of Philosophy

“I team-teach a course on the ‘Philosophy of Technology’ with Pomona professor Laura Perini. In one fun class, we explore doorknobs as a technology. Students are surprised to learn that doorknobs have a history and that we can spend an entire class talking about their social implications. When we move from doorknobs to digital passwords, they see that more contemporary phenomenon in a new light.”

Pitzer College Professor Elizabeth Affuso

Dr. Elizabeth Affuso
Professor of Media Studies

“Pitzer stands out in that it really is an institution that values many forms of community building and intellectual expression. Students are encouraged to pursue these practices in creative ways both in the classroom and in the larger campus environment.”

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When we hit the road to visit high schools in the fall, our over-packed carry-ons have limited room for flyers. Lucky for you, we’ve made them all available digitally! Check out our digital admission publications for access to our viewbook and more printable resources!

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