Student Admission Fellows


Alex Valdesuso-Pinney ’20

  • Hometown: Bellevue, Washington
  • Major(s): Psychology and Media Studies (Digital Track)
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Anthropology of Media with Ruti Talmor
  • Campus Involvements: The Golden Antlers (5C Satirical Publication), Off-Campus Marketing Intern
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Watching my friends’ band play “Don’t Greenbox my Heart” at my Freshman year Kohoutek
  • Fun Fact: I brought a pasta maker to college just so I can make pasta from scratch

Amanda Martin-Lawrence ’20

  • Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
  • Major(s): Sociology, Minor: Legal Studies
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Classical Sociological Theory
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Participating on a Pitzer Run study abroad program
  • Fun Fact: I enjoy baking and decorating cupcakes!

Julia Cohen ’20

  • Hometown: New York City, New York
  • Major(s): Gender and Feminism Studies and Psychology
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Construction of Masculinity with Dan Hirsch
  • Campus Involvements: Pomona Pitzer Intramurals
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Helping paint the Survivor Empowerment mural
  • Fun Fact: I won silver in a New England regional archery tournament when I was 16

Justin Coopersmith ’20

  • Hometown: Denver, Colorado
  • Major(s): Political Theory
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Rethinking Radical Political Thought
  • Campus Involvements: Intramural Flag Football, Tabletop game club, Research Assistant
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Getting funding to go to the LA county fair every year with my friends.
  • Fun Fact: My favorite job in the admission office is donning Cecil the SageHen and running around campus as a mascot.

Shaun Whitaker ’20

  • Hometown: Durham, Connecticut
  • Major(s): Political Studies
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: College: Inside-Out
  • Campus Involvements: Pitzer Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault, 5C Women’s Club Soccer Team, The Shakedown Cafe, Office of Student Affairs Assistant, Pomona Department of Theatre and Dance Usher
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Working with the Gear Closet to organize a camping trip with 15 of my friends in Death Valley!
  • Fun Fact: My hometown hosts the largest volunteer agricultural fair in New England.

Talha Jilani ’20

  • Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan / Washington, D.C
  • Major(s): Government and French
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Islam Beyond Ideological Narratives
  • Campus Involvements: Student Senate Campus Life Committee, Judicial Council, Jumpstart
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Studying abroad in Paris for my junior year
  • Fun Fact: My parents were about to name me “Delaware”

Mariah Jenkins ’20

  • Hometown: San Francisco
  • Major(s): Geology, minor in Environmental Analysis
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Environmental Justice
  • Campus Involvements: Robert Redford Conservancy fellow, Diversity Committee student representative

Danya Sauerhaft ’20

  • Hometown: San Francisco
  • Major(s): Behavioral/Developmental Neuroscience (Economics Minor)
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Health Psychology
  • Campus Involvements: Developmental Psychology research at the AMH-CARE Lab, personal research on Behavioral Economics & Decision-Making, Pitzer Activities (PAct), The Balcony, CAPAS
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Leading Beach Camping Crystal Cove this year!
  • Fun Fact: Never been stung by a bee.

Jan Bragado ’20

  • Hometown: Pomona, California
  • Major(s): Sociology and International/Intercultural Studies combined major, Italian minor
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Organization Theory and Sociology of Education
  • Campus Involvements: First-Gen Mentor, Asian Pacific American Coalition, Kasama (5C Filipinx Org), International Fellow
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Leading Diversity weekend programs and every New Student Move-In Day!
  • Fun Fact: I was born in an island, grew up on the coast, and worked at a waterpark.. And I still don’t know how to swim.

Miranda Smith ’20

  • Hometown: Palo Alto, California
  • Major(s): Media Studies, minor in American Studies
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Media Arts for Social Justice
  • Campus Involvements: UTI 5C Improv Troupe, Stitch & Bitch Embroidery Club, 5C Women’s Club Soccer, Pitzer Events Board
  • Favorite Pitzer Memory: Making an elaborate music video while leading an Orientation Adventure!
  • Fun Fact: I’ve been rocking the same pair of yellow crocs for the past 8 years!