Coordinators, Assistants and Interns



Olivia Landgraff ’22

  • Major/Minor/Concentration: Women and Gender Studies/Media Studies
  • Involvements: Pitzer Outdoor Adventures
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Speculative Feminisms and Sustainable Futures
  • Fun Fact: I love rollercoasters!

Kaila Teague ’22

  • Major/Minor/Concentration: International & Intercultural Studies
  • Involvements: Black Student Union and The Outback Newspaper
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Food, Culture, Power
  • Fun Fact: I once went four years without eating watermelon!


Sophie Basseches ’20

  • Major: Sociology
  • Minor: Gender and Feminist Studies
  • Involvements: Outside of the office of admissions, I have also been a part of the young democrats club, hillel, and kahoutek planning comitee
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Classical Sociology Theory with Phil Zuckerman
  • Fun Fact: My favorite food is pecan pie but I’m vegan so I can’t eat it

Anabhra Saluja ’21

  • Major:
  • Minor:
  • Involvements:
  • Favorite Pitzer Class:
  • Fun Fact:

Vanessa Blaylock ’20

  • Major: Environmental Analysis and Media Studies combined
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Involvements: Black Student Union, First Generation Organization, Pomona-Pitzer Athletics, Tutors for a Cause
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Intro to Statistics or any Spanish Class
  • Fun Fact: I danced with the artist formerly named Prince when I was younger and he liked the shirt I was wearing.


Clara Fuget ’20

  • Major/Minor/Concentration: Chicano/ Latino Transnational Studies and Spanish Double Major, Sociology Minor
  • Involvements: Latino Student Union; Central American Student Association; Spanish Conversation Leader and Tutor, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellow
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Criminal Organizations and Gangs with Prof. Kara Plaček and Central Americans in the United States with Prof. Suyapa Portillo Villeda
  • Fun Fact: I took a gap year before coming to Pitzer in Nicaragua where I adopted three dogs, two chickens and one Rooster. One of those dogs is now my little dog Lili (@lilithemutt) and she is my favorite and most loyal companion.

Dominick Yu ’22

  • Major: International Intercultural Studies
  • Minor: Asian-American Studies
  • Involvements: Asian Pacific American Coalition, Peer Health Educator, Claremont Students Workers Aliance
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: South and Southeast Asians in the Media
  • Fun Fact: One of my favorite breakfasts is peanut butter and egg sandwich on toasted wheat bread.

Paris Primm ’22

  • Hometown: Inglewood, CA
  • Major: Combined Organizational Studies and Psychology
  • Minor: Africana Studies
  • Involvements: Black Student Union, Pitzer Psychological Student Association, Claremont Christian Fellowship
  • Favorite Pitzer Class: Intro to African American Literature
  • Fun Fact: You can catch me on campus with the best orange outfits! I have A LOT of Pitzer pride!

Tyra Popovich ’21

  • Major: Media Studies and Theatre
  • Involvements: Pomona-Pitzer Swim and Dive; Actor through the Green Room; Black Student Union; Mixed Identity Exchange Secretary/leadership
  • Fun Fact: I met Tori Kelly on my Orientation Adventure trip. She took pictures with our entire group