Student Tour Guides


Britany Marticorena ’22

  • Major: Environmental Analysis and Intercultural Studies combined major
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Involvements: Prison Abolition Club, Pitzer Outdoor Activities
  • Fun Fact: I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order!

Eamon Morris ’22

  • Major: Media Studies and Anthropology
  • Involvements: Student Senate: Academic Planning Committee, The Outback News, The Student Life Newspaper: Opinions Editor, and Bridge Claremont.
  • Fun Fact: One time I released 1,500 ladybugs that I ordered from Amazon onto the Pitzer campus!

Jahaan Vaswani ’21

  • Major: Economics and Psychology
  • Minor: Behavioral economics
  • Involvements: Rugby Team
    – Photography Cub
    – CLASP
    – Adventures around Los Angeles
    – Outdoor Adventure
  • Fun Fact: I’ve grown up on 4 continents

Kathryn Wangthamkua ’22

  • Major: Political studies
  • Involvements: Pitzer Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Assault
    -Anthropology Research Assistant
  • Fun Fact: I like to knit hats that look like fruits!

Marina Romero Sanchez ’20

  • Major: Legal Studies & Psychology
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Involvements: Student-run acapella group
  • Fun Fact: I’m allergic to all tropical fruit

Milena Passage ’22

  • Major: Organizational Studies
  • Minor: Anthropology
  • Involvements: Student Senate, Identity Board, APAC, and Orientation Adventure
  • Fun Fact: I was adopted from the same orphanage that Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt adopted their son from!

Milly Chi ’22

  • Major: Asian American Studies/Organizational Studies
  • Involvements: Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), Center for Asian Pacific American Students (CAPAS), Pitzer College Career Services
  • Fun Fact: An article I wrote in high school was once hyperlinked in an LA Times article!

Olivia Mayron ’21

  • Major: Media Studies and Organizational Studies
  • Involvements: 5C Dance Marathon, 5×5 Productions, Photography Club, Outdoor Adventure club
  • Fun Fact: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen once came to my family holiday party

Vivian Anable Eme ’22

  • Major: Neuroscience
  • Minor: Developmental Neuroscience
  • Involvements: Garden Club and Stitch n Bitch.
  • Fun Fact: I wrote a 50 page research paper on the production and consumption of chocolate!

Kailey McNeal ’21

  • Major: Political Studies
  • Involvements: Zumba; Pomona College Choir; Claremont Students for Animals
  • Fun Fact: My senior year in high school I was an extra in the Marvel show, “The Gifted,” and I was featured in the Animal Planet mini-series, “Mission Adoptable.”

Emma Barker ’21

  • Major: Environmental Analysis—Sustainability and the Built Environment, Spanish minor
  • Involvements: A Cleaner Tomorrow; Milk & Honey employee; Urban Planning Club
  • Fun Fact: I built a tiny house in my backyard.

Frankie Konner ’21

  • Major: History, Computer Science minor
  • Involvements: Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy Staff Writer; volunteer with the Draper Center for Community Partnerships; Pitzer Outdoor Adventure
  • Fun Fact: I lived in the Bahamas for two years!