Studio Art

The Art Field Group offers a major that includes required courses in Studio Art and Art History, and an option for a combined major with Media Studies or with another Program of Study. More information about the programs can be found in the Pitzer College Course Catalog.

Pitzer Advisers: B. Anthes, T. Berg, C. Ennis, S. Gilbert, T. Krajnak, J. McCoy

Student Learning Outcomes

Our graduates will:

  1. Develop diverse formal and conceptual vocabularies.
  2. Learn to select appropriate materials, techniques and concepts in order to create informed, intentional and communicative works of art.
  3. Learn to refine, revise, and think critically about their work and that of their peers.
  4. Understand their work within the context of art history and global contemporary artistic practice.
  5. Attain the ability and confidence to articulate, verbally and through the written word their unique point of view.
  6. Display professionalism in the documentation and presentation of their work.