Independent Study

Independent Study is a way of exploring an area in more depth between a faculty director and a student who already know one another, or when the project falls in an area with which the student has some prior familiarity. Students have the opportunity to plan and execute projects of their own conception and acquire a competence in original research and writing beyond that required by the regular courses of instruction.

Deadlines to submit proposal forms for Independent Study are specified in the Academic Calendar. Completed forms should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, which will then be forwarded to the Pitzer College Curriculum Committee for review/approval. Summer independent studies must be submitted no later than the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar. All forms are forwarded to the Pitzer College Curriculum Committee for review/approval.

Please Keep in Mind:

  • An independent study must have an academic component in order to receive course credit.
  • An independent Study Form should give a detailed description of the study, the academic work to be completed (including a reading list, projects and meeting with the Faculty Director), and mean of evaluation.
  • An independent study normally carries one course or half-course credit. A quarter-course independent study may be approved by the Curriculum Committee, but only once per student.
  • An independent study is given credit only in the field(s) of appointment of the faculty director.
  • Generally, students cannot take more than two course credits in independent studies in any one semester.
  • Independent study credit may be given only for work accomplished during the semester or summer the student is receiving credit.

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