Graduation Requirements

Initiating and maintaining strong communication with your Faculty Adviser is essential, particularly during the senior year.

A. Satisfactorily complete 32 course credits.

  • Students must satisfactorily complete 32 course credits (of which at least 16 must be taken while registered at Pitzer).
  • All academic credits transferred to Pitzer are translated into equivalent Pitzer course credits according to the conversion:  four semester units or six quarter units equal one Pitzer course.  Check with the Office of the Registrar to confirm your transfer credit totals.
  • Grades earned from courses accepted for transfer credit are not included in the calculation of grade point averages.

B. Declare and Satisfactorily Complete a Field of Major

  • Students must submit the Major Declaration Form to the Office of the Registrar by midterm of the first semester of the junior year.
  • Students must satisfactorily complete all requirements for the declared field of major.
  • In the second semester of the senior year, faculty advisors submit, at the request of the Registrar’s Office, a Degree Verification for majors and minors.

C. Attain at least a 2.0 “C” Grade Point Average overall and in the field of major

D. Fulfill all Educational Objective Requirements of:

(See Guidelines for Graduation for detailed descriptions.)

  • Intercultural Understanding: Local/Global
  • Social Responsibility/ Justice: Justice Theory/Responsibility
  • Humanities (2 courses)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (2 courses)
  • Natural Science (1 course)
  • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (1 course)
  • Written Expression (1 course)

E. Complete the Application for Graduation and submit it to the Office of the Registrar

The Application for Graduation, submitted by students by midterm of the first semester of the senior year, verifies how the student’s name will appear on their official Pitzer College diploma and provides other important information relating to Commencement in May.