Campus Life Committee Funds

The Campus Life Committee has merged with the Teaching and Learning Committee to create the new Teaching, Learning, and Campus Life Committee (TLCLC).

Please visit the Teaching, Learning, and Campus Life Committee (TLCLC) website for funding opportunities.

Archived materials below:

The Academic Events Fund supports programs and events that are related to specific courses but are open to the entire Pitzer community.

Average award = $300; maximum honorarium/speaker = $300.

The Printed Word Award can “support a seminar each year on the “printed word”, bring to campus individuals who are involved in a variety of areas concerning the printed word, including book dealers, publishers, book collectors, or curators of special collections. This fund should be used to draw upon the artists and writers who create written work.” In practice, the award has been used to host readings and workshops with contemporary authors.

Average award = $1,700; minimum award = $250; maximum award = $5,000; maximum honorarium/speaker = $700.

Strategic Initiative Funds (SIF) are “strategic” in the sense that they’re meant not simply to augment activities currently funded by the academic or student life budgets, but rather to provide an opportunity to test out and try new initiatives or broker collaborations among different college constituencies (for example, combined faculty/staff proposals or collaborative proposals by several field groups or several faculty/student organizations). Campus Life Committee is interested in proposals for programming that has the potential to be sustained and have an ongoing impact. Campus Life Committee will also consider proposals for initiatives that will be funded through other sources, but may have higher start-up costs, as well as proposals for both small and large amounts of money. Strategic Initiative Funds may only be granted for a total of 3 years for any single proposal.

Average award = $1,000; maximum honorarium/speaker = $700.

The Agnes Moreland Jackson Diversity Program Fund supports programs primarily directed toward first-year students (but open to everyone) to provide diversity programming. Programs and activities may include field trips, workshops, special talks by guest speakers, films, and so on. Ideally, programming will take place in the new residential spaces or the Gold Center. While there is no ceiling on proposal requests, most awards are in the $1,000 range. In cases where there is significant collaboration between college constituents, larger amounts may be granted.  $5,000 will be reserved for Pitzer College student organizations and/or programs that entail significant collaboration between students and faculty. Intercollegiate organizations that direct their programs toward the Pitzer community, and run them on our campus, are also welcome to apply.

Average award = $1,000

The Frederick J. Salathé Fund for Music and the Cultural Arts supports an event or series of events related to the Arts, Music, and/or Literature as practiced, exhibited, or performed by professionals. We are seeking proposals for large events that would use a minimum of half the funds available.

Average award = $2,000; maximum honorarium/speaker = $700.

Last updated 4/09/2018