Honoria & Reimbursements

Honoraria are mailed out once the event is over. For an honorarium to be processed, the person receiving it must complete and sign a W-9 Form, which must be submitted to Natalie Rosales in the Dean of Faculty’s Office, Scott Hall 109.

Reimbursement of Expenses

Reimbursement is normally made all at once (not one receipt at a time). After the event has taken place, CLC awardees must complete a CLC Expense Form and attach the following documentation: (Note: Download the form, fill it out, save it, then print it.)

  • Original receipts
  • A flyer, poster, or copy of an e-mail notice as proof of publicity for the event
  • A copy of the award letter

All reimbursement materials should be submitted to Natalie Rosales, Scott Hall 109.