Funding and Event Guidelines

The Campus Life Committee has merged with the Teaching and Learning Committee to create the new Teaching, Learning, and Campus Life Committee (TLCLC).

Please visit the Teaching, Learning, and Campus Life Committee (TLCLC) website for funding opportunities.

Archived materials below:

Campus Life Committee invites funding proposals from all members of the Pitzer community for special events that will enhance campus life.

Priority Funding Strategy

  • In an effort to provide more equitable access to its funds, CLC has implemented a priority deadline for proposals. All proposals submitted before the spring priority deadline for the next academic year will be reviewed at the CLC meeting immediately following the deadline. All funding requests received after the priority deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The CLC will allocate no more than 50% of CLC’s total budget prior to beginning the fall semester. This process allows community members to plan their events in advance while keeping half of the funding available to the committee for allocation during the academic year.

To request CLC funding, submit a Funding Proposal form. Please be sure that your proposal adheres to the guidelines below.

Funding Guidelines

  • Applicants must complete a Funding Proposal form in order to be considered for funding. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Proposals will normally be submitted at least 3 weeks before your event.
  • Successful applicants (“CLC awardees”) will receive an award letter by e-mail specifying the amount of funding they have been granted and the procedures for paying honoraria and requesting reimbursements.
  • CLC awardees must notify CLC of any changes in their event, such as changes in date, speaker, location, and funding sources. Notifications should be sent to [email protected].
  • CLC awardees must complete an Event Evaluation within three weeks of their event. Reimbursements will not be processed until the Event Evaluation has been submitted.

Event Guidelines

  • All events must take place on the Pitzer campus and be open to the entire Pitzer community.
  • All events must occur during the academic year in which funding has been granted. Funding does not roll over to the following academic year.
  • Admission/entrance fees may not be charged for events that are supported by CLC funds. Donations may be suggested but not required.
  • Any flyers, posters, or e-mail notices publicizing the event must include the following acknowledgment: “This event was supported by the [name of the fund] / Campus Life Committee.”
  • All events must be advertised on the Pitzer College events calendar: