The Joint Music Program

The Department of Music at Scripps College and the Joint Music Program of Scripps, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, and Pitzer Colleges offers many opportunities for music study and performance to music majors and other interested students.

The Joint Music Program sponsors three ensembles, the Claremont Concert Orchestra, the Concert Choir, and the Chamber Choir. Qualified student members from all of The Claremont Colleges are welcome to join. The liberal arts ideal of music as an integral part of the general curriculum is evidenced by students receiving academic credit for participation in large music ensembles as well as for applied lessons. Working in a supportive intimate environment, students find studying music at Scripps a stimulating and productive means of personal and artistic fulfillment.

In addition to large ensemble performance courses, the Joint Music Program offers MUS 81, Introduction to Music, a music appreciation class which encompasses non-Western musical traditions, and MUS 3, Fundamentals of Music, which covers basic music theory.

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