International Scholars Program


Leah Herman
Language Senior Lecturer
Academic Director, International Scholars Program
Campus Address: Avery 212
Phone: 909.607.3995
Email: [email protected]

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Student outcomes:

1. Develop the level of academic English and compensatory socio-linguistic strategies needed to be successful learners in their courses and co-curricular activities.

2. Develop sufficient knowledge of American classroom and campus culture norms and behaviors to function successfully as responsible members of the college community.

3. Become aware of personal strengths, limits, goals, fears or prejudices, as well as own cultural identity.

4. Learn to access, question, generate, critique, and apply knowledge from a variety of written, spoken, and visual texts that rely on the medium of English language for expression.

5. Value and use multiple resources of knowledge (faculty, roommates, host family members, internship contacts, discussants), in addition to traditional instructional materials.

6. Use cross-disciplinary analysis to process the overall learning experience.

7. Gain the knowledge and cultural skills to create social ties and engage responsibly with a wide range of people, ideas, and values across campus and in the larger community.

8. Experience and reflect on rights and responsibilities we share, and impacts we have, as members of multiple communities.