American Studies

Sponsored by the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges, American Studies is a multidisciplinary major that encourages students to think critically and creatively about culture in the United States. The American Studies Program is coordinated by an intercollegiate faculty whose aim is to introduce students to the complexity of the American experience. Majors take courses in a variety of disciplines such as literature, history, ethnic studies, sociology, anthropology, political science, music, and the visual arts. In addition, majors take multidisciplinary courses that use materials from different disciplines to explore a particular issue in American life. The interdisciplinary approach to this major affords the student many career choices. Some follow graduate study; other paths include the professions of law, library science, journalism, business and museum curatorship.

Pitzer Advisers: B. Anthes, T. Honma, S. Phillips, C. Strauss, S. Portillo Villeda, U. Willoughby

Learning Outcomes of the Program in American Studies

Department Goals and/or Objectives

Goals are broad statements that describe what the program wants to accomplish

  1. Students gain knowledge of the histories and cultures of the United States.
  2. Students gain an understanding of a wide range of methods across the disciplines.
  3. Students learn how to analyze a wide range of evidence (e.g., written texts, films, paintings, musical compositions, etc.).
  4. Students learn how to carry on research in American Studies effectively.
  5. Students learn how to communicate effectively about the histories and cultures of the United States in both written and oral forms.
  6. Students attain the skills and knowledge necessary for graduate study or a career in American Studies or a related field.

Student Learning Outcomes

Outcomes describe specific knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes students should demonstrate

SLO1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the United States histories and cultures.
SLO2: Students show comprehension of various methodologies across disciplines.
SLO3: Students are able to analyze evidence.
SLO4: Students will conduct a research project in American Studies effectively.
SLO5: Students will be able to communicate effectively in written form.
SLO6: Students will be able to communicate effectively in oral form.