Coffee Cart Committee

The History of Coffee Cart

The Coffee Cart Work Group originated, with the support of senior management, as a result of the College’s interest in “reinventing our residential community through facilitating faculty/staff/student social and intellectual interactions,” as stated in the April 1999 Comprehensive Planning Document.

Coffee Cart operated from 1999 through 2009 with the theme “Gimme a Break”.  After many requests from the community and support from Staff Council, Coffee Cart was revived, on a monthly basis beginning the 2014-15 year. 

What is the Coffee Cart Committee?

The Coffee Cart Committee is a small committee that approves coffee carts through the committees funding and provides support to the department/field group/student club host.  The Coffee Cart committee has funding to support one Coffee Cart even per month during the academic year.

What does Coffee Cart Committee cover?

Coffee Cart funding covers coffee/tea/water for 35 people. If you are approved for funding through the committee, but require coffee/tea/water for more than 35 people, your department/field group/student club will be required to fund beyond that. All services are provided by Bon Appetit.

How do I apply for a Coffee Cart funding by the Coffee Cart Committee?

You can apply for a funding through our Coffee Cart Host Request form. Please note that we can only fund ONE coffee cart per month.

Do I need to be funded by the Coffee Cart Committee in order to have a coffee cart?

No. Anyone can host a coffee cart at anytime, but it must be funded by your department/field group/student club. Reach out to Vania Hernandez if you are not going through the Coffee Cart Committee.

2023-2024 Funded Coffee Carts