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Distinguished Staff Award 

These awards recognize two staff members, one supervisory and one non-supervisory, for their distinguished service to the College. Each recipient will receive an award of $250 (which is paid via payroll and taxable) and will be recognized at the Staff Recognition Luncheon.


  • All part-time and full-time staff with a minimum of two years of continuous service at Pitzer, whether employed by Pitzer College or an external vendor, may be nominated.
  • Nominated employees serving on Staff Council are prohibited from also serving on the Distinguished Staff Award Selection Committee (which is comprised of all members of Staff Council).  However, Staff Council Representatives are eligible for nomination.
  • Members of the President’s Cabinet and previous recipients of the Distinguished Staff Award are ineligible for nomination.

Award Evaluation Criteria

Staff Council will make up the body of the Distinguished Staff Award Selection Committee and will review nominations and make the selection of the recipients. Human Resources will additionally review the nominations before the final selections are made.

Nomination Criteria

  • Nominations for the Distinguished Staff Award can come from Pitzer College students, staff, and faculty.
  • No self-nominations will be accepted.
  • The nominee should show the following characteristics:
    • Consistent level of high performance
    • Going above and beyond in daily work
    • Consistent demonstration of one or more of Pitzer’s core values
    • Continual development of professional skills
    • Innovation and creative problem solving

Previous Award Recipients

2020Melissa Burrows (Non-Supervisory)
Kirsten Carrier (Supervisory)
2019Carlos Alvarez (Non-Supervisory)
Brad Tharpe (Supervisory)
2018Victor Milhon-Martin (Non-Supervisory)
Jessica Levy (Supervisory)
2017Lesley Malinoski (Non-Supervisory)
Mark Crawbuck (Supervisory)

2020-21 Staff Council Quarterly Newsletters

October 2020 Newsletter

All-Staff Meetings & Recognition Events

Fall All-Staff Forum/MeetingEvent Information TBD
Winter All Staff and Faculty PartyEvent Information TBD
Spring All-Staff Forum/Meeting Event Information TBD
Staff End of the Year Luncheon Event Information TBD
Summer Staff Council Orientation Event Information TBD