PaperCut Mobility Print Client Details


Service Description:

To use PaperCut on all Macs desktops and all Mac and Windows laptops, the PaperCut Mobility Print Client is required.

The PaperCut Mobility Client uses the Internet only to establish a secure connection to print to campus based printer services, no printed items are saved on any off-campus PaperCut Cloud nor on any other cloud-based service.

The PaperCut Mobility Print data flow (1-6):

  1. Requests to establish connection
  2. Creating connection from user’s device to PaperCut server locally on campus (runs local printer queue)
  3. With secure connection made, print item sent to local printer queue (Pitzer Printer – Faculty Staff)
  4. User swipes ID (or login) onto local Ricoh device
  5. User requests print job to be printed from local PaperCut printer queue
  6. Local queue sends item to Ricoh for printing

For more information: PaperCut Mobility Print Security


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