Executive Director

Jessica Levy
Jessica Levy
621.8315 (x18315)

Client Services

Chris Castaneda
Assistant Director
607.2761 (x72761)
Victor Milhon-Martin
Classroom Technology Specialist
607.2638 (x72638)
James Pasillas
Client Services Coordinator
607.3065 (x73065)
Sharon Anderson
Duplicating Specialist
601.8461 (x18461)
Eddy Carrillo
Client Services Assistant
607.3065 (x73065)
Irene Flores
Ren Flores
Duplicating Assistant
601.8461 (x18461)

Miguel Ortega
Audio-Visual Technology & Events Coordinator
607.9595 (x79595)

Educational Technology Services

Steve Anderson profile photo
Steve Anderson
Educational Technology Supervisor
607.4967 (x74967)
Nick Webster
Education and Technology Specialist
607.4967 (x74967)

Networking and Technical Services

Brandon Mulcahy
Associate Director
607.3065 (x73065)
Steven Hawkins
Systems Support Analyst
607.3065 (x73065)
Chris Peterson
Server/Desktop Computer Manager
621.8625 (x18625)
Kevin Bishop
System Administrator
607.7548 (x77548)