Office 365 – Software Downloads (Faculty, Staff and Students)

Service Description:

All current staff, faculty and students have access to free Office 365 software downloads and online resources.  All resources will remain active while you are here at Pitzer.

After you leave Pitzer, the software will de-activate.  Don’t worry you will not lose your documents.  The Office 365 client will remain in a read-only state until you purchase a new license.

Note: If you have saved any items on OneDrive make sure you move them to another location before you leave Pitzer.  

Available to:

Staff, Faculty and Students

How to Access:

To access the self-service portal for downloads and online resources, from any browser, go to:

Sign in using the following format:  

Enter your Pitzer password.
Click Sign in.  

Note: If you are accessing this service on or after April 1st, 2019 you will be prompted to setup your password recovery options.  These options will help with password issues in the future.  Visit here for instructions to guide you thru the initial setup process.

Main Screen

Your Pitzer account grants you access to Microsoft Office Mobile Apps as well!

Just install each Office app on your mobile device by downloading it from the App Store (iPhone/iPad), Google Play (Android), or the Windows Store (Windows).

You can install one, a few, or all of the apps onto your mobile device as they install individually.

Open the desired app.
Sign in using the following format:  
Enter your Pitzer password.
That is it!  You can now create, edit and save office documents using the app.

For assistance please contact the Help Desk.


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