2018-19 Fulbright Fellows

Wyatt Barnes ’18, a linguistics and Mideast & North Africa studies double major, has been awarded a Fulbright to Morocco where he will conduct research on the motivations for code-switching among Arabic-Spanish bilinguals. He will use an ethnographic sociolinguistic lens to analyze the social motivations behind this code-switching in Tangier. This research will allow him to interact extensively with the local community. After his Fulbright year, he plans to pursue a PhD in linguistics with a focus on sociolinguistics. In addition, Barnes intends to continue working with refugee populations.

Emily Dillemuth

Emily Dillemuth ’18, a political studies major and Chinese minor, has been granted a Fulbright to Taiwan, where she will teach English. She hopes to draw upon her teaching experiences while living in mainland China. For her community service project in Taiwan, Dillemuth plans to engage with the host community to encourage intercultural understanding between East and West. Her professional goals include becoming a diplomat with the US Foreign Service.

Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis ’18, a geology major and environmental analysis minor, has been awarded a research Fulbright to India, where she proposed to investigate the impacts of recent agricultural and economic developments on soil health and landholding in Madhya Pradesh, India. Ellis is also the recipient of Pomona College’s Isabel F. Smith and Donald H. Zenger Award for enthusiasm and dedication to the geologic sciences. Her future plans include pursuing a doctorate in soil science research to continue protecting soils and agricultural environments around the globe. This year Ellis was also awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.

Sasha Forbath

Sasha Forbath ’18, an organizational studies major and sociology minor, has been awarded a Fulbright to Indonesia to teach English. She will use her previous teaching and intercultural experiences to foster an accessible and inclusive classroom. Drawing on her theatre production skills, Forbath hopes to create a theatrical production that incorporates both Indonesian and American folktales. After her Fulbright year, she plans to work with an educational or social justice non-profit while applying to graduate school to obtain a master’s in social work.

Peter Hansen

Peter Hansen ’18, an international relations major, is the recipient of a Fulbright to Malaysia, where he will teach English by implementing culturally relevant activities both inside and outside the classroom. A member of the Sagehens Swim and Dive team, Hansen hopes to engage with the community through athletics ranging from swimming to basketball. After his Fulbright, Hansen plans to become a secondary teacher at an international school or a foreign service officer with the US State Department.

Jordan Jenkins '17, Fulbright FellowshipJordan Jenkins ’17, a political studies and Spanish major, has been serving as a 2017-18 Fulbright English teaching assistant in Spain, where she was teaching in seven villages of Longrono in the La Roja Region. The Fulbright Program asked Jenkins to renew her Fulbright for the 2018-19 academic year, and she now plans to teach pre-school and kindergarteners in the Canary Islands next year.

Eleanor Neal

Eleanor Neal ’18, a human biology major and Spanish minor, has been awarded a Fulbright to teach English in Mexico. She plans to teach English by using a culturally relevant pedagogy and integrated, STEM-based curriculum to enhance language acquisition. Neal will partner with Casa del Migrante and other NGOs to promote healthcare among migrant and refugee populations. She ultimately plans to attend medical school and work as a health educator among Mexican immigrants and Spanish monolingual communities in California.

Ramiro Pinedo

Ramiro Pinedo ’18, an environmental analysis and Brazilian Portuguese double major, has been awarded a Fulbright to conduct research in Brazil. Through the use of surveys, interviews and first-hand observations, he will study the environmental values of residents in Boa Vista in northern Brazil as they address urban flooding issues. Pinedo will engage with the community by forming a running club and organizing bi-monthly 5K races to raise money for parks and recreational areas. After his Fulbright, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in environmental management at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, followed by a PhD in environmental science, policy and management from UC Berkeley.

Uriel Rafael '14, Fulbright FellowshipUriel Rafael ’14, a human biology and psychology double major, has been awarded a mentor position with the Fulbright program for the upcoming school year in Mexico. He is currently finishing an ETA Fulbright in Mexico. Rafael will continue to volunteer as a mentor and work with Dream in Mexico, a nonprofit organization that helps deported individuals reunite with their families.

Anya Quig ’18, a Spanish major, received a Fulbright to teach English in Mexico. She plans to instill passion for language learning through an internal locus of control approach, as well as her own experience as a language learner. Outside the classroom, Quig hopes to work with a local community health organization to share what she learned in Guatemala about indigenous medicine and culturally competent care. She plans to pursue a master’s in public health and eventually work in Latin America.

Aria Tung

Aria Tung ’18, a sociology major and media studies minor, is the recipient of a Fulbright to Taiwan, where she will be an English teaching assistant. Tung’s various teaching and mentoring opportunities have taught her the importance of creating an inclusive environment for students. She will engage with the community through her love of music and sports. She plans to enroll in law school after the Fulbright to study anti-discrimination law.

Sachi Watase

Sachi Watase ’17, a studio art major and mathematics minor, has been awarded a Fulbright to teach English in Nepal. She plans to foster intercultural exchange through communicative language teaching with a culturally sensitive lens, thereby creating appropriate student-centered lessons. Outside the classroom, Watase intends to lead activities that use creative outlets to enrich students’ English language skills. After her Fulbright, she plans to earn a master’s degree and teaching credential and ultimately work in high-needs schools.