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Yiming (Devon) Xiong

Yiming (Devon) Xiong is from Beijing, China, and was initially attracted to Pitzer because of its location in Southern California, where they could enjoy the sunny weather. They believe that Pitzer’s core values align with their own and appreciate the wide range of academic resources available, which they can share with the other four Claremont Colleges.

Devon is thinking of majoring in Art History, Data Science, or Computer Science. They are a member of the Orange Jam Club, although they haven’t participated in activities for a while. They like the cafeteria, the idea of interdisciplinary studies, and the professors at Pitzer. In their free time, Devon plays several musical instruments, including the acoustic and electric guitar and the trumpet. They are also passionate about art. Their favorite place on campus is their dorm. They love Pho and can’t resist it every Wednesday at the Harvey Mudd College dining hall.

An interesting fact about Devon is that they can play music immediately after hearing it without looking at the specific musical notes. Although they don’t think it’s very exciting, it’s certainly a remarkable skill.


Yingjie (Jason) Ma

Jason Ma is from China and learned about Pitzer College through his friends who highly recommended it to him. What caught his attention the most was the small classroom size and the personalized attention students receive from their professors.

As an Organizational Studies major, Yingjie is interested in exploring how organizations can create positive change in society. When he’s not in class, he enjoys staying active by working out in the gym or playing basketball with friends on campus. He also loves taking walks around the campus, which he finds both calming and inspiring.

One of his favorite places on campus is the McConnell center. When it comes to food, he loves watermelon. Jason is always eager to learn and connect with new people at Pitzer College.


Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin is a student from Taipei, Taiwan.  She learned about Pitzer through her high school counselor and was drawn to the smaller class sizes at Pitzer compared to larger universities, the California sunshine, and Pitzer’s core values, especially its emphasis on social responsibility. She is currently majoring in Organizational Studies and Psychology.

Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends, walking around campus, cooking and baking in the demo kitchen, and participating in PISA (Pitzer International Student Association). She appreciates Pitzer’s career service workshops and delicious food with helpful resource guidance. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, listening to music, and watching anime. For people who have never watched anime before, she recommends to start with Fullmetal Alchemist and Hunter x Hunter! Jessica’s favorite places on campus are the mounds and Pitstop, and her favorite food on campus is McConnell’s poke bowl. Her favorite color is green.

Riko Ohmura

Riko Ohmura is a student from Tokyo, Japan, who learned about the Claremont Colleges through their high school counselor. Drawn to Pitzer’s community and their commitment to core values, Riko was particularly interested in social justice and pursuing it through their studies and actions on campus. They are currently majoring in anthropology and considering a minor in Political Studies.

Apart from their academic pursuits, they are involved in various campus organizations such as CCBDC (Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company) and PISA (Pitzer International Student Association), where they currently holds the position of co-president. They also work as a Japanese grader and enjoys attending events on campus, particularly those organized by APAC (Asian Pacific American Coalition). Riko also enjoys taking photos of plants and cactus on campus that are unique and cannot be found elsewhere. In their free time, Riko enjoys reading books, crafting, singing in a choir, practicing ballroom dancing, and cooking various types of Asian food with their friends. Their favorite food on campus is McConnell’s curry bar on Fridays.

Riko’s favorite places on campus are the mounds and the PISA room. They are always open to trying new things and have recently taken up kickboxing and learning to play the violin, both of which they find fun. They are also interested in learning new languages and has already attempted to learn Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Chinese.


Ziyue (Zera) Xiong

Zera Xiong, from Shenzhen, China, first heard about Pitzer from her school counselor and from information she found online. What drew her to Pitzer was the college’s commitment to community and putting theory into practice. She is currently majoring in Psychology.

When she’s not studying, Zera loves to engage in art creation with her Pitzer peers and is an active member of the Chinese Drama Club of 5C. Additionally, she enjoys the resources available in the 5C library to explore her various interests. She is an avid reader and is passionate about all forms of art.

Zera’s favorite places on campus are McConnell’s lawn and PISA’s study hall.  Her favorite on-campus delicacy is the delicious banana pudding, a treat that always satisfies her sweet tooth. Her friends and peers consider her to be a warm and caring presence, often seeking her out for relationship advice, as she is a welcome source of comfort and support.

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