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Diana Vicezar

Diana Vicezar is from Asuncion, Paraguay, and this is her first year at Pitzer.  During her initial research into colleges, she remembered Pitzer as “the orange school!” but as she learned more about it, was more strongly drawn to Pitzer because of its core values, and found that many of the projects she had been working on and was passionate about tied closely to those core values.  She saw Pitzer as a place that she could continue working on those ventures with other like-minded people. 

Diana is planning on majoring in Organizational Studies and is also interested in economics and computer science as well.  She looks forward to sharing opportunities, promoting activities and creating connections with international students, and would like to be a mentor and resource for future international students applying to Pitzer.

When we are back on campus, Diana wants to try the Dining Hall and really get to meet other students.  She’s enjoyed this semester and even though we were not on campus, has felt like part of a special community and has received significant kindness and support.

Krishna Chaudhary

Krishna Chaudhary is from Kathmandu Nepal.   He became interested in studying at Pitzer after learning more about its core values, especially in environmental sustainability and intercultural understanding.  Krishna is considering majoring in the natural sciences and is looking forward to being in labs when we return to campus.  In Nepal, much of what he learned was theoretical, so the chance to do get some hands-on experience is exciting.

In his spare time, Krishna enjoys playing football with his friends.  It’s there he can forget all his problems and challenges for a short while and just enjoy the sport.  He also enjoys suspense and mystery novels, and relates it to his interests in neuroscience – it’s like doing detective work in the sciences. 

Coming to Pitzer will be his first out of country experience, and he is grateful for the opportunity to study in the US and is looking forward to academic experiences that he couldn’t get in Nepal.  During these stressful days, he is thankful for friends – one of the most amazing things about being a part of International Scholars has been developing close relationships with the other students in the program, which he never imagined beforehand. All of them have been so friendly, supportive, and caring…they are the best!

Wendy Wang

Wendy is from Beijing, China and went to high school in Florida.  She learned about Pitzer from her HS friends and college advisor – the liberal arts focus, core values, good support for students, golf team and location were all important factors in her decision to apply. 

Wendy is interested in majoring in Media Studies and is part of the Pitzer-Pomona golf team.  In her free time, enjoys being active, playing basketball and other sports, and also enjoys painting and drawing. A class she interested in taking is Theater Arts and make-up. When we are back on campus, she is looking forward to college life on campus and making friends, as well as visiting art museums and Koreatown in Southern California.

Ed Shi

Ed is a global citizen from Tianjin, China, and has lived in Japan, Maryland and now Southern California. He knew when going through the application process that he preferred small liberal arts colleges for his undergraduate education, and was interested in Pitzer for its core values, academics, small class sizes as well as its location. After 4 years of HS in Maryland, he wanted to experience the West Coast too, and visiting in 2019 only strengthened that goal. 

Ed is planning on majoring in Economics and Media Studies.  Has many interests – he enjoys writing fiction, watching Tarantino films and playing golf, which he has done for 15 years.  Ed is looking forward to hiking around Mt. Baldy and going to Magic Mountain, as he is a roller coaster fanatic.

Ninja Mukneam

Ninja is from a rural area outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  He’s a Royal Thai Scholar and first heard about Pitzer from a summer program at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.  He appreciates the small classes and the opportunity to get to know his professors well. 

Ninja is interested in majoring in Data Science and Math.  He’s thankful for the community and support from students and staff, NISSO leaders and PISA, the Pitzer International Student Association.   When we are back on campus, he is interested in joining PISA, playing E-Sports and joining MAGE, the Manga, Anime, Gaming and Entertainment club. 

While always interested in studying STEM fields, in high school Ninja became interested in learning more about the history of people in STEM as well.  He enjoys the ability to meet and interact with more people through the Claremont Colleges Consortium.

Haoyue Yuki Zhang

Yuki hails from the Xian Province in China.  She was interested in Pitzer because of its core values, especially social responsibility.  She feels it is important to remember that we are all a part of society and to try to make the world better. 

Yuki is interested in majoring in Psychology and minoring in Economics.  One of her big interests outside of class is K-Pop, and she hopes to meet other K-Pop fans at the Claremont Colleges when we are back on campus.  She is also looking forward to seeing the sunsets in Los Angeles. 

While in high school, Yuki went to Kenya to aid and work with the Maasai people around the issue of female genital mutilation.  She encourages people to do volunteer work – to be brave and look beyond your own borders for volunteer opportunities. 

Yuki has appreciated the support of her professors and their willingness to understand and support her while studying online from China.

Yuki Bannai

Yuki is from Tokyo, Japan, and attended high school in San Juan Capistrano before beginning his studies with Pitzer.  The small classes and the chance to play for the golf team helped draw him to Pitzer.  He’s not sure what he will major in yet, but is interested in taking a variety of different classes to help find out. 

Golf is his passion and The Farms in San Diego has been his favorite course to play on so far.  Yuki is looking forward to being on campus and experiencing campus life.  He has received lots of support his first semester, and the International Scholars program has helped him out.

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