Sustainable Excellence: Strategic Plan 2025

President’s Message

Melvin L. Oliver

This new plan reflects the dedicated efforts of many members of our community. It is the outcome of an inclusive and consultative process involving students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and trustees. College Council unanimously endorsed the plan in April 2019 and the Board of Trustees did the same shortly thereafter.

Our new strategic plan affirms Pitzer’s mission and core values and provides a guiding framework for Pitzer to thrive and advance in a rapidly changing environment over the next five years. It will move the College forward by making us stronger and more flexible, allowing us to adapt to new types of learners and address emerging issues and needs.

In concert with our history and tradition, the entire Pitzer community was encouraged to contribute to this plan through multiple avenues. And, while countless individuals participated in its development, I am particularly thankful to the members of the Strategic Planning Committee and the Strategic Planning Working Groups for their unflagging commitment and noteworthy contributions.

I hope you share my enthusiasm for this plan, as it truly reflects the strength, vision and collaboration of our beloved College. I am confident that as we move into the implementation process over the coming months, we will accurately and effectively respond to the priorities of our community.

Provida Futuri,

Melvin L. Oliver

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