Financial Aid refund checks

Students of color on financial aid do not receive refund checks in time to pay for start-of-the-semester items like textbooks, rent, travel, etc., and some do not have the financial resources to pay for these items. This, in turn, causes undue stress and the inability to be prepared for classes. Students currently can apply for an emergency loan to help pay for these items; however, students expressed that the loan amount is inadequate.

Possible Solutions

  1. The Financial aid office will disburse scholarships and loans to students’ accounts earlier in the term. Students who have pre-registered for courses and meet eligibility requirements will have their Pitzer Scholarships disbursed to their account in mid-December and remaining Federal and State aid will be disbursed ten days prior to the start of the spring semester.
  2. The maximum amount of Student Emergency Loans has been increased to $500.
  3. Determine if other funding sources can be used to provide additional aid for students who cannot afford start-of-the-semester items.
  4. The Office of Financial Aid has created periodic “Financial Aid Mail” messages that it sends to students and faculty advisors. These emails remind students of deadlines to reapply for financial aid, provide tips and instructions for doing so, and contain other useful and timely information regarding financial aid.

Point Person(s)

  1. Director of Financial Aid/Student Accounts Supervisor
  2. Treasurer’s Office and Office of Financial Aid
  3. VP Finance and Administration, Director of Financial Aid, Office of Advancement, and Interim President
  4. Office of Financial Aid


  1. to begin with spring semester 2016
  2. loan amount increase authorized on Dec.17
  3. in progress
  4. in progress

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  1. financial aid should be given to receive refund checks in time to pay for the start of the semester.

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