Letters of Recommendation

The President is happy to write letters of recommendation for students whenever appropriate. If you are interested in having the interim president write you a recommendation, he will need at least two weeks notice, and provide the information requested in the items below.

  1. One paragraph explaining how you met the President, how long you have known each other, and in what capacity.
  2. One paragraph detailing your academic achievements, grades, special projects, the subject of a paper of which you are especially proud, etc. How do you interact in class, how much do you contribute to the intellectual discussion/language learning of the class overall? What are your study habits like?
  3. One paragraph about your integration in the life of the College. Describe your involvement in committees, clubs, political initiatives, conferences, etc.
  4. One paragraph about your personality.
  5. One paragraph if applicable about any service projects you have completed.
  6. Add any information that you think is particularly relevant for the specific use of the letter, or any other particulars you think are important but not included in the above items.
  7. Submit a resume if you have one prepared.

Please be sure to include your name and major. Send this information via email to [email protected] the day after you have asked the President for a letter of recommendation.

Again, please remember to ask the President for your letter of recommendation at least two weeks before it is due.

Thank you very much!