FAQs for International Students and Students Arriving from International Locations

This FAQ contains a few frequently asked questions for international students and students arriving from international locations. All Pitzer students should visit the Students and Families FAQs and Community Messages section.

Students arriving from international locations are encouraged to email Todd Sasaki, Director of International Programs, at [email protected] to discuss their travel plans and any questions or concerns.

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Spring 2022 FAQs for International Students

Are Pitzer students required to have a vaccination booster?

I received my booster abroad, and it wasn’t a Pfizer, Moderna or J&J vaccine. Does it meet Pitzer’s requirements if it is authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO)?

Yes. All WHO-authorized boosters are accepted. According to the CDC, WHO-authorized boosters are considered “up to date” for public health purposes.  

How do I submit my vaccine booster status, and what if it’s recorded in another language?

Students can submit their vaccine booster status via Healthy Pitzer. Visit our Vaccine Self-Reporting Instructions page for step-by-step instructions. If your booster verification is in another language, please translate as much of the information as possible so the nurse can verify your booster is WHO authorized.

Are all Pitzer students required to take a COVID test before coming to campus for spring semester?

Yes. Pitzer students were required to complete a COVID-19 PCR test no more than three days prior to arriving for move-in and produce a negative test upon when they arrived. Off-campus students had to email proof of the test (or any testing access support needs) to [email protected] no later than Tuesday, January 18. Please see Student Spring 2022 Return Updates for more information. updated 1/24/2022

What if I’m arriving from an international location?

As of December 6, all air passengers traveling into the US, regardless of vaccination status, had to show a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 1 day before travel to the United States. The test can be antigen or PCR, but please check with your airline to see what they require.

If you took a PCR test, that fulfilled Pitzer’s requirement to test before arriving on campus. 

If you had an antigen test though, you needed to get a PCR test ASAP when you got to campus (when SHS is open) and mask around others until you obtained your results.

Visit the CDC’s Travel Requirements page for more information: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/international-travel/index.html updated 1/24/2022

Where can I find information for international students at Pitzer?

Please visit Pitzer’s International Programs Office’s International Students webpage.

ARCHIVE – Fall 2021 FAQs for international students

If you have a question that wasn’t covered in the FAQs, Ask Cecil!

FAQ last updated: January 13, 2022