Student Break Travel COVID-19 Guidelines - 09.22.21

September 22, 2021

Dear Students,

As you explore upcoming break travel plans, all students are encouraged to remain vigilant and make informed decisions for the greater good of our community prior to, during, and after travel.

Break Travel Registration Requirement for All Students

All students are required to register their Fall break travel plans by October 4 to the Office of Student Affairs by completing the “Fall Break Travel – Fall 2021” form to either:

  • Stay local to Claremont and Local Surrounding Area
  • Domestic Travel within the United States
  • International Destination Travel

Please note that guidance regarding November 24-28 (Wednesday – Sunday) travel break COVID-19 guidelines will include twice a week testing requirements upon return to campus.

Students Staying Local to Claremont, Surrounding Los Angeles and Inland Empire Areas

  • All asymptomatic students will continue to follow routine weekly testing schedule:
 First yearSophomoreJuniorSenior
Local ClaremontMondaysTuesdaysWednesdaysThursdays
  • Students staying local will continue to have access to dining on campus through the regular meal plan. Dining establishments will publish updated break hours.
  • Ongoing access to transportation via Claremont Dial-a-Ride, Pitzer Vans, Foothill Transit, and more, will be available following Pitzer’s Community Agreement and CDC guidelines.
  • Campus Life will be providing updates on alternative local opportunities and guided options available to stay local.

CDC Recommendations Prior to and During Travel

Prior to Travel:

  • Students are encouraged to monitor the CDC’s Travel Recommendations by Destination for international travel advisory risk assessment alert updates and the International Travel During COVID-19 guidance.
  • For students choosing to travel within the United States or outside of our local surrounding Los Angeles County, please monitor the CDC’s Domestic Travel, Travel Planner and COVID-19 Data Tracker sites to access information about COVID-19 risk assessments levels, travel restrictions, guidance and resources in your United States destination.
  • We ask that students please not travel to destinations currently under the CDC’s status of not recommended for travel or where non-essential travel is not recommended at this time.
  • If planning to travel by plane, students are strongly encouraged to become informed about any airline COVID-19 health and safety requirements.
  • Update your student missing persons and emergency contact information on your Pitzer student portal.

During Travel:

  • Wearing a mask over your nose and mouth is required on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and while indoors at U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations. Travelers are not required to wear a mask in outdoor areas of a conveyance (like on open deck areas of a ferry or the uncovered top deck of a bus).
  • Follow all state and local recommendations and requirements, including mask wearing and social distancing.
  • In areas with high numbers of COVID-19 cases, consider wearing a mask in crowded outdoor settings and for activities with close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated.

Post-Travel Mindful of Each Other Student Expectations

Limited Social Interaction Expectations for Students Upon Arrival from International Travel to Campus

  • Per CDC guidance, before leaving your international destination and prior to your arrival in the United States:
    • All air passengers coming to the United States, including U.S. citizens and fully vaccinated people, are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 3 days before travel or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 in the past 3 months before they board a flight to the United States.
  • After travel:
    • Get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel.
    • Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms.
    • Follow all state and local recommendations or requirements after travel.
  • Limited Social Interaction Upon Return to Campus Until a Negative COVID-19 Test Taken at Least 3 Days after Arrival Back to the U.S Result has Been Received:
    • This includes mostly staying in your room, picking up to-go meals, and continuing to engage in your academic progress. The Office of Student Affairs will email you detailed instructions with guidance, and make notice to your Pitzer faculty.
  • All asymptomatic students will engage in the following testing schedule upon arrival to campus:
 First yearSophomoreJuniorSenior
International (limited interaction)Thurs, Oct 21 & Mon, Oct 25Thurs, Oct 21 & Tues, Oct 26Fri, Oct 22 & Wed, Oct 27Fri, Oct 22 & Thurs, Oct 28
  • All symptomatic students will engage in the following:
    • Must get evaluated and/or tested as soon as they develop symptoms and comply with medical recommendations to quarantine or isolate.
    • Pitzer’s COVID-19 Symptoms and Support Protocols can be found here.

Domestic Travel within the United States

  • All asymptomatic students will engage in the following testing schedule upon arrival to campus:
 First yearSophomoreJuniorSenior
Domestic within USThurs, Oct 21 & Mon, Oct 25Thurs, Oct 21 & Tues, Oct 26Fri, Oct 22 & Wed, Oct 27Fri, Oct 22 & Thurs, Oct 28
  • All symptomatic students will engage in the following:
    • Must get evaluated and/or tested as soon as they develop symptoms and comply with medical recommendations to quarantine or isolate.

As always, resources and support activation for students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are available on Pathway Forward, 24/7 access to providers via 7C.Health continues to be available, and our on-call deans are available 24/7 by contacting Campus Safety at 909-607-2000. Your ongoing commitment to Mindful of Each Other in action is appreciated.



Sandra Vasquez
Vice President for Student Affairs

Weekly COVID-19 Community Update - 09.17.21

Dear Campus Community,

Congratulations to each and every one of you for your contributions that have made possible our completion of our third week on campus. Before writing this communication, I took a walk around campus to find inspiration at the very heart of our community: meeting and listening to students where they are engaging in campus and academic life. Ongoing student feedback is valued and appreciated.   

Below are just a few highlights of the week:

  • Congratulations to Student Senate on a successful first meeting!
  • Thanks to the incredible student turnout at the flu vaccine clinics hosted by Student Health Services this week!
  • Way to go staff and faculty with excellent testing numbers this week according to Nurse River!
  • Women’s Soccer is on a winning streak! Check out their game day schedule here. Chirp! Chirp!
  • The Racial Justice Initiative Speaker Series kicked off the first event of the semester. Visit the site to check for more information about the Restorative Justice Initiative and upcoming opportunities!
  • It was awesome to see a full court Pitzer student basketball game in action and student cheering on the sidelines this afternoon! According to some of our student players, we may see a future staff/faculty and student basketball game challenge in the future!  
  • Join weekend activities, events and programs:
    • Saturday
      • Join Res Life and Campus Life for Twilight Part 2 movie. Snacks will be provided. (8:00 p.m. Clock Tower Lawn)

We are grateful for ongoing community feedback and our continued monitoring of trends that allow us the opportunity to learn and enhance practices necessary to honor our being Mindful of Each Other in action. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • On Tuesday, September 21, Pitzer will be hosting the 5C Club and Organization Fair. After September 21, the Student Deans Committee will meet to collaborate on updates and safety guidelines related to any 5C events and programs. Each college will continue to follow their current procedures and policies until early October. We understand how important community belonging and connections are, and most proud of the ongoing partnership with Pitzer’s clubs and organizations with Campus Life to safely engage in community. You have been a model across campuses and should be very proud.
  • This afternoon, students shared positive feedback about dining enhancements implemented by our dining and facilities teams informed by student voice feedback. Our students are appreciative of the responsiveness.
  • Due to labor shortages and data usage trends, please note Student Health Services (SHS) notified us today that Pomona’s Walker Hall weekend testing will no longer be available. Testing will continue to be available Monday – Friday at SHS, Harvey Mudd, and Pomona Walker Hall and the schedule is available on our Pathway Forward site. Students needing weekend COVID-19 related support should contact Pitzer’s 24/7 On-call Dean via Campus Safety at 909-607-2000.
  • Please remember to mask in indoor spaces including study rooms and the dining hall (when not consuming food). Moving forward, students who have demonstrated a pattern of non-compliance with friendly reminders and other proactive efforts, will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs via the Code of Student Conduct procedures. This may include loss of privileges to dine inside McConnell. Our dining hall staff works very hard and is dedicated to serving our students. Please be considerate and show them your appreciation by masking as required.  
  • Students attending athletic events are reminded to please mask as instructed at the game.
  • Student Break Travel Guidelines are forthcoming and plans are underway by Campus Life for alternative break options for students choosing to stay local. We hope to empower students with information to make informed decisions to continue to practice being Mindful of Each Other in action.

Our community should be very proud of our numbers below. It is a testament to the practices of our students leaning into community and doing their part for the greater good of all. Mindful of Each Other practices in action are alive within every single detail of campus life from student vaccine rates, community masking practices, our testing routine, Mindful of Each Other Community Agreement expectations and Pitzer Student-led Gatherings and Events/Meetings Guidelines, facilities and outdoor enhancement operations, the incredible teaching flexibility, pedagogy and support to students from our faculty, and ongoing flexibility to adapt based on COVID-19 Taskforce, student and community feedback. May we continue to strive to maintain this momentum.

Below please find summary student quarantine and modified quarantine status data between Saturday, September 11 – Friday, September 17:

Students Placed in Travel Quarantine: 0

Students Released from Travel Quarantine: 0

Total Students Currently in Travel Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Quarantine: 0

Students Released from Quarantine: 0

Total Students Currently in Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Modified Quarantine: 0

Students Released from Modified Quarantine: 1

Total Students Currently in Modified Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Isolation: 0

Students Released from Isolation: 3

Total Students Currently in Isolation: 0

As a reminder, our on-call staff is available 24/7 to assist with any community support concerns (909-607-2000) and our COVID-19 Concern Reporting Form is also available. Information and updates are also available on our Pathway Forward website, including our COVID-19 Dashboard.

As always, I have an open door for anyone who would like to meet with me for any feedback or ideas regarding how we can enhance our Mindful of Each Other practices in community action. Any student who is interested in joining the COVID-19 Student Advisory Group can email to join us.



Sandra Vasquez, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pitzer College

McConnell Updates - 09.13.21

September 13, 2021

Dear PItzer Student Community,

I can’t believe we are heading into week 3 of school! What a whirlwind of activity! Our dining team appreciates your patience as we continue to adapt and learn from student feedback, while also balancing our commitment to health and safety guidelines.

We have heard a lot of feedback over the past couple of weeks, and please know we are working as fast as we can to address each comment. We appreciate your patience as we tighten up everything.

In the meantime, here is what we have and/or are working on for all of you:


  • We will no longer be charging for the white disposable boxes or cups.
    • We ask that you stay mindful of paper waste, and highly encourage students to use the green boxes and reusable cups.
    • If you are eating indoors, please only use the reusable service ware to help reduce the waste.
  • We will be working on getting carts to be placed outside by the Apron for china dishes, cups, and utensils to be placed in
    • To help reduce the cost of replacing plates, cups and utensils, please do not take them to your rooms, and always bring them back to McConnell.
  • Students wishing to come back for seconds, are encouraged to check back in through the cashier on the East Side of McConnell
    • The West doors of McConnell are for exiting only.


  • For safety and sanitation purposes, please do not refill your water bottles in the Dining Hall.
  • There are multiple water filling stations around campus, including the 1st and 3rd floors in the McConnell building.


  • We have brought back the station signs with the menu items at each location.
  • We ask anyone with dietary restrictions or allergies to always ask a manager to confirm the meal is free from the allergen you are avoiding.
  • Wayfinding signage has been delayed by a few weeks, but it is finally being installed Monday!


  • Please do not leave/park scooters, skateboards, etc. in the McConnell Lobby. It poses a healthy and access issue. There are skateboard/scooter racks on the East side of McConnell, next to the bike racks near the parking lot.
  • Thank you to all the students who have already made this change! 


  • Please remember, if you are a Pitzer student without a meal plan, you are welcome to come eat; however, you must have your Pitzer ID card.
    • Outside guests or students from other colleges may not come into McConnell at this time.


  • Don’t forget you can pre-order a lunch or dinner by 6 p.m. for next day pick-up, between 7 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
  • You can also pick up a meal at Pit Stop or Shakedown using your meal plan
  • Please remember it is still one tap per meal, per day


  • Masks are always required, except when eating or drinking.
  • Please remember, if you are getting up from your table or finished eat/drinking to put your mask back on.

Friendly reminder: Please pick up after yourselves when done eating, return condiment bottles to the cart, and any service ware used to the conveyor.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns:

Thank you,

Tonian Morbitt
General Manager, Pitzer College

Weekly COVID-19 Community Updates - 09.09.21

September 9, 2021

Dear Campus Community,

I continue to be amazed with our shared Mindful of Each Other ethos and core values in action that continue to be our compass, including as we lean on each other to illuminate not only areas for reflection, lessons learned, adaptability, opportunities for collaborative innovation, and points of pride to celebrate.

I wish you could have walked through the Mounds to feel the great joy of a thriving student life experience over the past two weeks. Below are just a few highlights:

  • With support from Campus Life, many clubs and organizations have safely and successfully launched their organization’s meetings following our Fall 2021 Pitzer Student‐Led Gatherings and Events/Meetings Guidelines.
  • Student Senate’s Club and Organization Fair last night allowed students to explore meaningful campus engagement and community belonging opportunities across 28 participating Pitzer clubs and organizations. 
  • Data from last week’s Job Fair resulted in 183 student participants and 26 offices, marking the highest rate of participation in the recent five year history of the College. This is further supported by collaborative efforts to enhance meaningful outcomes and development based student employment opportunities for our students. We understand the great value student employment can have on student success and access to mentorship.
  • A total of 109 students and 24 offices participated in our Pitzer Student Resource Fair to explore and access resources, services, and community engagement connections.
  • Students are also actively leveraging student services resources including but not limited to, high rates of appointments for academic coaching, career services, academic support services, transportation services, and our beloved health and wellbeing Strive2Thrive program.
  • This weekend’s activities, events and programs can be found on our @pitzerosa or @pzreslife Instagram or @pzreslife Facebook. Or simply review the files here.

We are grateful for ongoing community feedback and our continued monitoring of trends that allow us the opportunity to learn and enhance practices necessary to honor our being Mindful of Each Other in action. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Regular testing is encouraged for staff and faculty especially anyone who sees many people during their workday. Contact Nurse River ( for confidential consultative support or schedule an appointment.
  • Thank you to our students for your commitment to weekly routine testing. We continue to support the option for students to test more than once a week at Student Health Services with no barriers or appointments required for access. Please note Student Health Services notified us today that Pomona’s Walker Hall weekend testing is closed this weekend and SHS is working to secure staffing necessary to continue with Saturday weekend testing only. Testing will be resume on Monday and students needing weekend COVID-19 related support should contact Pitzer’s 24/7 On-call Dean via Campus Safety at 909-607-2000.
  • As flu season is upon us, thank you also to our students for obtaining the flu vaccine at Student Health Services flu clinics next week. As always the Office of Student Affairs is here to support you.
  • While most students are honoring our large gathering guidelines, we urge the few unregistered gatherings between Skandera and West Hall, and the few students attending large events at Claremont McKenna that we have received reports about, to please honor these expectations. We trust and have developed supportive pathways most students are accessing to engage safely in community and appreciate your partnership for the greater good of our community. Only with continued confidence in ongoing student cooperation will we be able to continue with our plans to safely resume 5C events and programs after September 21. Should these behaviors become a pattern after preventative and proactive reminders, in adherence with our Mindful of Each Other Community Agreement, Code of Student Conduct action will be taken as necessary and may result in a re-evaluation of student engagement privileges.  
  • Please remember to mask in indoor spaces including study halls, kitchens, laundry rooms, Pitzer gym and pool area (when not swimming).
  • The Pitzer gym and pool continue to remain open to the Pitzer community and Pomona students only. 
  • Thank you to our Dining Services and Facilities teams for immediately implementing no student charges for to-go boxes/cups, and other student-centered enhancements that will be announced early next week.
  • Thanks to Campus Safety for their new partnership in providing enhanced transportation support to students impacted by Covid-19 and injuries needing rides to and from SHS from their residence hall, and safety escort support. 

Below please find summary student quarantine and modified quarantine status data between Saturday, September 4 – Friday, September 10:

Students Placed in Travel Quarantine: 0

Students Released from Travel Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Quarantine: 0

Students Released from Quarantine: 2

Students Placed in Modified Quarantine: 6

Students Released from Modified Quarantine: 8

As a reminder, our on-call staff is available 24/7 to assist with any community support concerns (909-607-2000) and our COVID-19 Concern Reporting Form is also available. Information and updates are also available on our Pathway Forward website, including our COVID-19 Dashboard.

As always, I have an open door for anyone who would like to meet with me for any feedback or ideas regarding how we can enhance our Mindful of Each Other practices in community action.



Sandra Vasquez, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs

Student Flu Vaccine Requirement & SHS Clinic Schedule - 09.09.21

September 9, 2021

Dear Students, 

This is a reminder that Pitzer students are required to obtain a flu vaccine as a condition of enrollment at the College. Please complete this requirement as soon as possible next week to avoid any disruptions to your education.

Please plan to get vaccinated when you are at Student Health Services (SHS) for your weekly COVID-19 test during the following days and times when SHS is holding flu shot clinics in the parking lot east of Honnold Library:

  • Tuesday, September 14th  (Sophomore Class)
    2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 15th  (Junior Class)
    8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 16th  (Senior Class)
    8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Friday, September 17th  (First Year Class and Make-up Day for Missed Scheduled Days)
    8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

No appointment is needed to obtain the vaccine, and the clinic is open to all TCC students, faculty and staff. Make sure to bring your insurance card and/or Student ID, and to uphold Pitzer community expectations by wearing your face mask. Students whose insurance may not cover the cost will be supported by Pitzer. Please note the clinics are closed for lunch.

For further information, questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 909-621-8241 or Our team is also here to support students who may have extenuating circumstances and need to obtain the vaccine from SHS by no later than September 30. We thank you for continuing to be Mindful of Each Other.


Sandra Vasquez, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs

Weekly COVID-19 Community Updates - 09.03.21

Dear Campus Community,

It has been a great joy to see our community (re)connect in meaningful ways in and out of the classroom with the start of the academic semester and successful launching of our 3rd annual Weeks of Welcome with our Student Resource and Job Fairs. Moving forward, I will be sending an end-of-the-week community update that will include some reflections, lessons learned, and quarantine and modified quarantine updates.

True to Pitzer, community feedback and our continued monitoring of trends has allowed us the opportunity to learn and enhance practices necessary to honor our being Mindful of Each Other in action. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Improving dining hall signage and access to Green boxes 
  • 5C campuses were informed that Pitzer’s pool and gym access is currently limited to the Pitzer community, with the exception of Pomona students due to our long-standing partnership, and Rains being under construction
  • Modified Quarantine and release notifications to faculty were implemented
  • Enforcement of the Code of Student Conduct in regards to COVID-19 related reports of concern we have received
  • Progressive measures related to reports of large unregistered gatherings in Skandera Hall and residential community messaging efforts were implemented
  • Launched our live kick-off student town hall in partnership with Student Senate
  • Enhanced contact tracing hours and Hamilton HealthBox support
  • Student testing access was enhanced to include weekend testing and additional testing sites at Pomona and Harvey Mudd
  • Launching of a new COVID-19 Student Advisory Group

Below please find summary student quarantine and modified quarantine status data between Monday, August 30 – Friday, September 3:

  • Students Placed in Travel Quarantine: 0
  • Students Released from Travel Quarantine: 4
  • Students Placed in Quarantine: 1
  • Students Released from Quarantine: 0
  • Students Placed in Modified Quarantine: 10
  • Students Released from Modified Quarantine: 7

Together in partnership with students, faculty, staff, and families/guardians this week has demonstrated that we are able to safely engage in a thriving Pitzer student experience. The ongoing enhanced collaborations across departments and with student leaders has truly made this possible, and we cannot thank you enough. We thank our students for being ever so mindful of the impact of their choices as we head into the first weekend of the semester. Our on-call staff is available 24/7 to assist with any community support concerns (909-607-2000) and our COVID-19 Concern Reporting Form is also available.

As always, I have an open door for anyone who would like to meet with me for any feedback or ideas regarding how we can enhance our Mindful of Each Other practices in community action.


Sandra Vasquez, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pitzer College

Pitzer Faculty and Staff COVID-19 Vaccination Policy - 08.26.21

Vaccinations at Pitzer – Fall 2021

(Updated August 26, 2021)

The CDC has found that COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at preventing individuals from contracting COVID-19 and may also prevent virus transmission to others. On August 23, 2021, the FDA gave full approval to the Pfizer vaccine. Consequently and consistent with CDC guidance and the guidance of state and local public health authorities, to prevent the infection and spread of COVID-19 and as an integral part of its public health and safety measures, Pitzer is requiring all Faculty and Staff accessing any Pitzer Facility or Program in person in connection with their employment, appointment, or educational program to be vaccinated as of September 13, 2021.

If you have already submitted proof of vaccination through the Healthy Pitzer portal or to Human Resources or if you have been approved for a medical or religion exemption from the vaccine requirement, you need not do anything further.

For those who have not yet been vaccinated, the College asks that you follow the instructions below to submit proof of the first of two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine no later than September 13, 2021. Documentation of the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines must be submitted no later than October 15, 2021. Exceptions for religious or medical reasons must be submitted on or before September 13, 2021.  New employees with a start date of September 7, 2021 or later are required to follow the following steps to submit their vaccination status or file for an exemption within 7 days of employment.

If you have been vaccinated and just need to report it to us, there are two options to submit your vaccination:

  1. Recommended Option: Healthy Pitzer – (if you already did this, you are all set)Upload vaccination status through our Healthy Pitzer site.  Click here for instructions to update your vaccination status or
  2. Options for uploading your vaccination card outside of Healthy Pitzer to avoid Hamilton Health Box (HHB) consent process:
  • Upload your vaccination card to a secure Pitzer Box folder **Outside of uploading to Healthy Pitzer, this is the most secure way to load your vaccination status.**
  • To avoid having your vaccination record online at all, you can bring your vaccination card in person to River Santee at the on campus HHB clinic and she can visually verify your card and mark you as completed.
  • If you are unable to upload to the Box folder you can send an encrypted email to Human Resources at  To encrypt your message: in Outlook, in the email message, go to File > encrypt this item.

To file a Vaccine Exemption:  Faculty and/or Staff members may request a Religious or Medical Exemption by completing a Pitzer Vaccination Exemption Form, attaching the necessary documentation and submitting it to Human Resources at

  1. A medical exemption requires a doctor’s note stating that the employee cannot receive the vaccine due to a medical condition.
  2. For an exemption based on religious beliefs, the employee should write a statement that briefly explains how the vaccine requirement conflicts with a particular religious belief(s).

Faculty and/or Staff members who are approved for a medical or religious exemption will be required to participate in testing and mask protocols to mitigate risk to staff, faculty, students, and others whenever they access Pitzer Facilities or Programs in person. This may include more frequent and regular asymptomatic testing.  Please see the Faculty and Staff Testing Policy.

Any Faculty and/or Staff member with an approved Religious Exemption or Medical Exemption may nevertheless decide to become vaccinated. In this case, they are encouraged to discuss their plans with their primary care physicians or local pharmacies and may receive the vaccine through any of these and provide documentation of the administration to Healthy Pitzer.

We need your full cooperation and compliance with this and other health and safety workplace efforts to make them effective and to protect our community by preventing the spread of COVID-19. Any faculty or staff subject to this policy who fail to receive at least their first vaccination or submit an approved exemption form by September 13, 2021 will be prohibited from in-person access to Pitzer Facilities or Programs.


Fully Vaccinated:  at least two weeks removed from the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or the single Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Medical Exemption: A reason for not receiving COVID-19 vaccine due to medical contraindications or precautions recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; or disability. Requests for Medical Exemptions must be submitted to Human Resources at

Religious Exemption: An exception to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate based on a person’s sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance, which includes any traditionally recognized religion as well as beliefs, observances, or practices, which an individual sincerely holds and which occupy in their life a place of importance parallel to that of traditionally recognized religions. Requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

Anyone who is granted a Medical or Religious Exemption will be required to adhere to Pitzer’s required testing and mask protocols for the health and safety of the Pitzer community.

Additional Information About COVID-19 Vaccines

  • The CDC has promoted the benefits and safety of approved and Emergency Use Authorization approved COVID-19 vaccines. According to the CDC:
  • COVID-19 vaccines currently approved or in development in the US do not contain the COVID-19 virus and will not make you sick with COVID-19.
  • Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will not make you test positive for the COVID-19 virus.
  • COVID-19 vaccinations have been shown to be highly effective at preventing you from getting sick with COVID-19 and may prevent you from experiencing the most severe consequence of the disease and spreading the virus to others.
  • COVID-19 vaccines do not change your DNA.
  • COVID-19 vaccinations are an important tool in helping to stop the pandemic.
  • COVID-19 vaccines will be free to you, though some charges may be billed to your insurance company.

No Harassment or Retaliation

While Pitzer has legitimate reasons for vaccination and tracking how much of its workforce has been vaccinated, the College expressly prohibits any form of harassment, discipline, reprisal, intimidation, or retaliation based on an employee’s reasons to get or not get vaccinated or provide proof of vaccination.

Dining Services Updates - 08.26.21

Dear Pitzer Student Community,

The Bon Appétit Management Company and the Pitzer Dining Hall Staff team is looking forward to serving fresh, cooked-from-scratch meals you at McConnell, the Pit Stop, and the Shakedown this semester. We recognize that after a year and a half of COVID-19 and the uncertainty surrounding the Delta variant, many of you may have concerns about dining in public spaces. It’s our job to ensure that each of you feels welcome and safe when you dine with us, and that you receive delicious meals that meet your dietary needs. While this communication is long, we want you to know what to expect when you dine with us in the coming weeks, and hopefully address any concerns you may have.

Fall Dining Planning

Please know, as Dining Staff have not been in the kitchen for more than a year, on top of the COVID environment and new renovations, we are working out a lot of kinks. We thank you for your patience during this time as we get back into the groove of things.

For the Fall semester, Pitzer students will only be allowed in the Dining Hall. You will be required to show your ID each time you enter the area. This will help with contact tracing, and to ensure outside guests are not entering an area that is created specifically for you as a student. For the first few weeks, faculty and staff will not be allowed into the space. Once things settle down, there will be new consideration to slowly allow different parts of the Pitzer community to participate in our traditional activities.

All this information (and more) can be found on our website:

What’s New in Dining at Pitzer? (And How to Navigate It)

McConnell has a fresh new look, including new lighting, paint, and floors! We’ve also made program and service changes at McConnell, Pit Stop and Shakedown.

These changes include:

McConnell Dining Hall

  • A new drink station, deli bar, and dessert line.
  • Digital signage with QR codes so you can get menu information conveniently via your mobile device.

Pit Stop and Shakedown

  • Digital signage displaying the menu will be outside at both locations, allowing you to view the menu before you step inside. At Pit Stop we’ve also added digital signage inside.
  • In the event that stronger social distancing restrictions are put into place, order and pick up windows have been added in both locations for fast, safe service.
  • Meal replacements will be available, so you can tap for a to-go meal.

What Are We Doing to Keep You Safe?

If you do not feel comfortable dining in the dining hall, we are providing free reusable green boxes and cups for you to use in the outdoor seating areas.

Each student will have credit for one green box and one green cup on their account. Please turn in the cup/box after each use for a new one or to put the box/cup credit back on your account.

  • Masks are required at all times, unless you are seated and eating.
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been added to the dining area.
  • Disposable gloves are now available at each self-service station and we are changing service utensils every 30 minutes.
  • Reduced-touch beverage dispensers will be coming soon to the drink station.
  • Dining tables are sanitized with Oxivir (a fast-acting disinfectant) after each service. Please do not move tables in the dining hall as they are currently set-up to provide distance between tables/diners for safety.
  • All reusable dishware and green boxes are sanitized through our high temperature commercial dish machine providing a completely sanitized surface free of micro-organisms.
    • You may also purchase a disposable to go box for $0.75 and a disposable cup for $0.50
    • Pitzer has recently set up several of these outdoor areas with new furniture.
    • In order to maintain social distancing and ease café congestion, re-entry to the dining hall will not be permitted at this time. (Green boxes/cups may be returned at the cashier station the next time you visit the dining hall).
  • Water bottle refill stations are located on the first and third floor of McConnell, along with various places throughout campus. These offer a safe, touch-free option for hydration. Please do not refill water bottles in the dining hall.
  • For safety and space reasons, skateboards, scooters, and bikes are no longer allowed in the dining hall. However, there are new racks where you may lock them up located at Holden Parking lot and Chung Field.
  • We ask that you not move the Dining Hall tables; this will help with social distancing and our staff from having to constantly reset the space.

Bon Appétit/Pitzer Dining Hall employees

  • Wear masks at all times and gloves any time when preparing or serving food.
  • Have received COVID-19-specific training designed by sanitation experts, which is updated regularly as new issues emerge. Topics covered include proper sanitation, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), physical distancing protocols, and have been integrated with food safety and sanitation protocols.
  • Do pre-shift wellness screenings in alignment with local regulations and the Healthy Pitzer program, which includes daily interview questions.

What to Expect During the Next Few Days at Pitzer: Hours of Operation and Types of Service

The academic year meal plan begins with brunch on Saturday, August 28 at McConnell Dining Hall. The Pit Stop and Shakedown open Monday, August 30. We have updated our hours and service in order to offer as much access to food as possible and meet the needs of students with different schedules.

McConnell Hours of Operation – Open Saturday, August 28th

Please note, the hours of operation listed below are for Fall only.

  • Saturdays and Sundays: Brunch 10:30am – 1:30pm, Dinner 5:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Monday to Friday: We will have a form of continuous dining with McConnell open from 7:00am – 7:30pm. Please remember, you have 3 meal taps available per day. This means, if you come in for breakfast at 8:00am, you cannot tap for breakfast again at 10:00am.

Breakfast: 7:00am – 9:30am

Continental: 9:30am – 11:00 am (cold food only)

Lunch: 11:00am – 2:00pm

Mid Service: 2:00pm – 5:00pm (cold food only)

Dinner: 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Boxed Meal Program – Beginning Monday, August 30th

For those who have activities at other campuses during the day, we will have a boxed meal program available Monday to Friday 7:00am – 10:30am.

  • Pre-order:
  • Or, on the day of, you can tell the cashier you want lunch and dinner, and you can tap for those meals at the cashier.
  • You will be given a token to take to the grill and pick what foods you would like for the meal (an entrée, side, dessert, and drink).
  • If you need the items to stay cold for up to 6 hours, you will check out an insulated bag (just like you check out the green boxes), and our cook will pack it for you with ice packs.

Pit Stop and Shakedown Hours of Operation – Open Monday, August 30

Meal Taps are available at both locations through the Meal Equivalency program. Or students may use their flex dollars or Claremont Cash to order individual items.

  • Pit Stop: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Shakedown: Open 7 days per week 4:00pm – 11:00pm

Want to know our daily hours and what’s on the menu? Sign up for Menu Mail at the bottom of the page at:

Meal Plan information can be found here. Students can change their meal plan by emailing up until Sunday, September 5th. After that date, no changes can be made.

We recognize this is a lot of information to process. If you have questions or concerns about dining with us please contact me directly or speak to any manager in the dining hall. We are always happy to discuss your concerns. Throughout the year, we welcome any and all feedback. Visit our website and scroll to the bottom to “Tell Us What You Think,” and leave a comment.


Tonian Morbitt, General Manager

Additional Information

Important Updates and Reminders from Student Affairs for Return to Campus - 08.11.21

August 11, 2021

Dear Students, 

It has been such a tremendous joy to begin welcoming our early arrival students and student leaders back home to campus. We continue to be grateful to each and every one of you for practicing our core value of social responsibility and our shared ethos of Mindful of Each Other in action, that continues to make possible our plans for returning to campus. Our early arrival students have been great models of Mindful of Each Other, and we thank them for their leadership, cooperation, leaning into community, and for their invaluable feedback. 

Our united Mindful of Each Other community care efforts will continue to be a shared priority as we continue to navigate evolving guidance and work to normalize our Mindful of Each Other: Community Agreement expectations that will guide our ability to safely engage. Recently, on Friday, August, 6, 2021 the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued new guidance in response to the Delta variant. These updates have resulted in some changes to our safety practices on-campus. While data continues to inform us that vaccines are a strong form of protection against serious illness, hospitalization, and death, we are prepared to provide caring support for breakthrough cases we may experience.  

Ahead of move-in, we are providing you with important reminders and updates to our return to campus expectations. I would especially like to highlight the following:  

  • Regular COVID-19 routine testing (regardless of vaccination status) and masking indoors (and during larger College-sponsored or approved outdoor programs or activities) will continue to be part of our community’s Mindful of Each Other practices in action.  
  • Access to COVID-19 testing services is accessible to all students at no cost with walk-in appointment availability through Student Health Services (SHS). Please be mindful of masking and practicing distancing when presenting to access testing services, regardless of vaccination status. 
  • Pitzer will allow for student, staff, and faculty from The Claremont Colleges onto campus. However, at this time, non-Claremont Colleges guests including from the public, will not be allowed to enter facilities or attend events or programs, unless they receive advance approval from the appropriate area Vice President. Claremont Colleges community members must adhere to Pitzer’s indoor masking policy, including within residence halls, and outdoor masking during larger, controlled outdoor programs. (NOTE: This guest policy does not apply to move-in weekend). 
  • Pitzer student clubs and organizations will be able to access their spaces, while honoring masking requirements and space capacity limitations. Campus Life is eager to collaborate with student leaders via onboarding orientation to enhance support needs.  
  • During the first weeks of campus, the Claremont Colleges are united in prioritizing and hosting campus-based community building and connections on each of our respective campuses until the first 5C campus hosted event. Pitzer College is excited to host the first 5C event which will be a masked and controlled outdoor 5C club and organization fair.  
  • As we adjust and transition to campus, please expect for many offices to work with you to schedule appointments for meetings in advance in order to allow offices to safely welcome and support you. 

I invite you to regularly visit our Pathway Forward website for the latest updates and information or to tune into Instagram for live updates and other informational posts!  

I look forward to joining you back on campus in a few weeks, seeing you at our Pitzer Job Fair and Student Resource Fair, and seeing the emerging creative inspiration through student-made masks! 

Mindful of Each Other, 

Sandra Vasquez, Ed.D. 
Vice President for Student Affairs 


Health and Safety Reminders and Updates 

Resoundingly, we continue to celebrate the united student action related to the COVID-19 vaccine requirement. At this time, we are proud to share that we continue to await responses from only 1% of students about their vaccination support plan needs. Students who are non-compliant in responding to our ongoing multiple outreach efforts via various methods, will be removed from their housing placement and unenrolled from classes on Friday, August 13, 2021. 

New Routine Testing Requirement  

All Pitzer students will be required to complete a PCR test at least 72 hours prior to move-in arrival and produce a negative test upon move-in arrival. Students will then participate in weekly routine testing coordinated by the College. Students experiencing difficulty accessing a COVID test prior to arrival can email at least three business days prior to arrival to access testing support on move-in day. We encourage you to explore testing resources in your local area (here is an example) and through your insurance/medical providers. 

Testing hours are available at Student Health Services Monday-Friday, 7:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm -4:30pm. Testing can be done at any time during testing hours, appointments are not required. Please do not eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth or apply lipstick/chapstick 60 minutes prior to your test. Please watch these video instructions prior to arriving at SHS. 

Move-In Helper Requirements 

Students are allowed up to two move-in helpers during the allocated move-in period. Move-in helpers must either provide their vaccination record card or a negative PCR test taken at least 72 hours prior to arrival. All move-in helpers will also be required to complete the Healthy Pitzer daily screening form their day of arrival. Masking will be required indoors and outdoors for all participating in move-in days. 

Masking Guidelines Reminder, Access, and Los Angeles County  

Masking is required indoors for all community members, regardless of vaccination status, including, but not limited to, within classrooms, meeting rooms, and club and organization spaces. While we are planning to allow for Pitzer and approved 5C events and programs (limited to Pitzer students and members of The Claremont Colleges), masking requirements will be implemented for larger controlled outdoor community sponsored activities.  

Students, faculty and staff may access a free mask if needed by visiting the Office of Student Affairs, Gold Student Health Center, or Residence Life Office during business hours on a no questions asked basis. Please remember that regardless of vaccination status, community members may choose to continue to mask outdoors and we ask you to suspend judgment and bias.  

Student COVID-19 Symptoms Protocol & Support  

Support is available to all students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or believed to have been exposed to COVID-19. Together, in partnership with many offices, we stand ready to activate holistic resources in a caring manner, including, but not limited to, access to medical, mental health, food, housing, academic support, and more. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please follow our process here.  

Our community will depend upon our individual and collective care for ourselves and each other.

Doing your part to care for yourself by making outreach for help and cooperating with contact tracing and medical care guidance, demonstrates our core value of social responsibility and being Mindful of Each Other in action.   

Student Health, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Accommodations & Basic Needs Resources Reminders 

24/7 On-Demand 7C Telehealth Medical & Mental Health Access 

Access to free 7C.Health 24/7/365 on-demand medical and mental telehealth visits for The Claremont Colleges students will continue to be available to you. A provider can be reached anytime, anywhere by visiting 7C.Health.   

Student Health Services Updates 

Recent updates to students from Student Health Services about services are available here. Of great importance, please note that access to COVID-19 testing services is accessible to all students at no cost with walk-in appointment availability through Student Health Services.    

Mental Health, Well-Being, Accommodations & Basic Needs Support  

Students have a variety of options to leverage resources and support available for mental health and wellbeing support including 7C.Health available 24/7, Pitzer Case Management and Strive2Thrive Program, and Pitzer Academic Support Services. We encourage you to engage in your holistic wellbeing, including physical wellness. Our Campus Life, Strive2Thrive and Pomona Pitzer Athletics teams are working together to safely enhance offerings to you.  

Mindful of Each Other: Community Agreement and Expectations 

Please continue to follow our sharedMindful of Each Other: Community Agreementexpectations. You may also find our community expectations video to be helpful. Should you have any questions, please feel free to Ask Cecil

Fall 2021 Dining Reminders & Updates 

As you all are aware, there will not be crossover dining this semester, and we remain committed and hopeful to resuming crossover dining in Spring 2022. Our team in dining services has been firing up the grills with great enthusiasm in preparation for your return. We cannot stress enough the importance of masking while placing and picking up to-go orders, as well as inside the dining hall, with the exception of when you are consuming food. Masking is a symbol of our mindful care for the wellbeing of our dedicated dining staff and each other. Below please find updates to our dining hall plans: 

McConnell Dining Hall  

(indoor dining if allowed by the LA County Department of Health, otherwise, outdoor seating is available; and food is provided via served and to-go options, as well as online pre-order) 

Monday to Friday 

Breakfast – 7:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.  
Continental – 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (cold food only) 
Boxed Meals – 7:00 a.m. – 10:30a.m. (pre-order available) 

Lunch – 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  
Mid Service – 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (cold food only; salad and deli bar open) 
Dinner – 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  

Saturday and Sunday  

Brunch – 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  
Dinner – 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.  


Monday to Sunday – 4:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.  

Pit Stop Café 

Monday to Friday – 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

Meal plan options, dietary needs, and flex dollars information is available here and here. In addition to indoor dining in McConnell Dining Hall, enhanced outdoor dining options will be available through the addition of new outdoor furniture throughout campus, and blankets will be available through the Office of Student Affairs for students to enjoy meals on our beloved mounds.  

Off-Campus Student Expectations 

Support for students residing off-campus, including experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, is also available through Student Health Services and Pitzer College. Students residing off-campus will be critical partners in our return to campus and must abide by our local, off campus student guidelines, in addition to our Mindful of Each Other: Community Agreement and community expectations.  

COVID-19 Reporting Form 

Students may engage in being Mindful of Each Other through community action by using this form to report a COVID-19 concern involving themselves, another individual, or a group here

These concerns may involve issues related to: monitoring symptoms, face covering guidance, cleaning, COVID-19 disclosure, or other concerns. Submissions are also welcomed from local community members who wish to report concerns, such as large off-campus student gatherings. 

Residence Life and Move-In Day Reminders 

First-Year, Sophomore and New Transfer Students

  • Information on Orientation move-in days, Aug. 21/22, can be found here.  
    • NEW: Step-by-step information about move-in day has now been added to this website, please review!  
  • Students may arrive with their helpers anytime during their 2-hour move-in. Move-in times on both days) are assigned by the first letter of your last name, as follows: 
    • A-F 8:00am – 10:00am 
    • G-K 10:00am – 12:00pm (noon)
    • L-R 12:00pm (noon) – 2:00pm 
    • S-Z 2:00pm – 4:00pm 
  • The schedule for First-Year Students on move-in day (Aug. 21) can be found here
  • The schedule for Sophomore and Transfer Orientation move-in day (Aug. 22) can be found here
    • On both move-in days, the first Orientation session will begin at 7pm. This is when students can plan to say goodbye to their families and will join their RAs for first meetings and orientation sessions.
  • Take a moment to review our move-in day maps here: New student maps 

Returning Students (not participating in Orientation) 

  • Information on returning student move-in days, Aug. 28/29, can be found here
    • NEW: Step-by-step information about move-in day has now been added to this website, please review! 
  • Students may arrive with their helpers anytime during their 2-hour move-in. Move-in times (on both days) are assigned by the first letter of your last name, as follows:  
    • A-K: 9am-1pm 
    • L-Z: 1pm-5pm 
  • There will be Community Meetings with RAs in Mead an Pitzer@CCA on Sunday, Aug. 29 at 7pm. Your RA will email you with more details. 

Need to pick-up storage items left behind in March 2020? More information can be found here

Campus Life and the Gold Student Health and Wellness Center  

Gold Student Health and Wellness Center (GSC)

  • Early Arrivals & Orientation – The GSC Fitness Center and pool will be open from Monday-Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. August 2nd – 27th for early arrivals and students participating in orientation. The orientation staff may open the pool for limited use during this timeframe for small group orientation use, but will not be open for general use outside the above hours until the start of the academic semester. 
  • Academic Year 
    • The GSC Fitness Center and pool will be open during the following hours: 
    • Mondays – Thursdays: 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (pool closes at dusk) 
    • Fridays: 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. 
    • Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. 
    • Sundays: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. 
    • Pool closes daily at dusk 
  • GSC Fitness Classes (yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, water classes) will be available during the academic year based on space capacity limits. Sign-ups for GSC Fitness classes will be done through the GSC Fitness Classes website. 

All students, staff and faculty are required to wear a mask while indoors at the GSC, including at the fitness center and during fitness classes. 

Campus Life, Student Engagement & Programming 

  • The Pitzer and the Claremont Colleges are working collaboratively to ensure that there is a robust campus life when students return. Pitzer students can anticipate programs and events to occur on Pitzer’s campus beginning fall 2021, and student organizations and campus groups can anticipate being able to plan events for their peers and the community. As the 5C campuses re-open, students should expect an incremental approach to cross-campus programming. Students will be given the opportunity to adjust to the new protocols and get comfortable being on their own campus before 5C events will be hosted. If circumstances permit, 5C events will be integrated back into campus life after an initial adjustment period, and students will be able to interact with students from the other undergraduate colleges in larger settings. Pitzer will continue to host “Weeks of Welcome” to welcome our students back to campus life and will continue to honor our “Substance Free Weeks” (which is from the time students arrive on-campus in August up until the first Sunday of the semester, Sunday, Sept. 5). 
  • Per 5C agreement, there will be no large 5C social events until after September 20, 2021, 2021. This allows time for each campus to ensure that its students are fully vaccinated. It also provides three weeks for each campus to build up its community and establish its institutional policies with students before opening events up to the broader 5C community. 
  • All Pitzer-only student events should be registered through the Events Board and the Campus Life professional staff. We expect to enforce Pitzer’s Student-Sponsored guidelines regarding individual event registration, and we will review those expectations with students at the start of the year. Per usual, we will place a heavy emphasis on inclusive events, and will expect responsible planning and participant behavior. 

Student Organization Guidelines 

  • Pitzer student organization and 5C club and organization activity is ok to proceed immediately upon arrival to campus, so long as the activity is “business” related. No 5C social events or parties will be permitted before September 20, and must be registered and approved per usual through Pitzer’s Events Board. 
  • Pitzer student organizations that need to re-charter for the 2021-2022 academic year should reach out to Student Senate to start that process. Pitzer Student Senate will still host its annual Pitzer Student Organizations Fair in September, to support students getting involved in Pitzer student organizations. More details about date, location, and process to register will be announced in early September.  

Student Organization Spaces and Access  

  • All student organizations that have dedicated space (including Student Senate, Identity Organizations, Pitzer Advocates, Outdoor Gear Closet, Green Bike Program, etc.) will be allowed to use their spaces during the academic year. Student using to student organization spaces should review the COVID-19 expectations and recommendations outlined below: 
    • COVID-19 Expectations 
    • Masks are required indoors at all times, even if someone is by themselves or just with their household, masks are still required in any indoor space that is not your own suite 
    • No physical distancing required at this time, still respect usual maximum capacity limitations  
    • ID groups may invite fellow Claremont Colleges students into their spaces, as long as all individuals stay masked while indoors. No non-Claremont Colleges guests/visitors are allowed inside the residence halls. 
    • COVID-19 Recommendations 
    • Prop door/open windows when the space is in use 
    • Reserve classroom spaces for larger meetings or use outdoor spaces if you’d like  
    • Supplies will be delivered in advance of the academic year, but if you run out you can put in a work order to have supplies delivered to your space (i.e. disposable masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) 

Pitzer@CCA & General Pitzer Student Travel and Transportation Services   

Based on CDC guidance, masking is required on all forms of public transportation (i.e. when you are traveling with someone from outside your household). Be mindful of where you go and how you interact off-campus as your choices may impact the wellbeing of the entire Pitzer community. We thank several of you who have been proactive with your upcoming travel plans (for College sponsored purposes or independent personal reasons) and ask you all to please communicate any travel (domestic or international) to the Office of Student Affairs ( to ensure appropriate public health support measures such as quarantine or testing are followed as well as assistance or evacuation support in the event of an emergency. Access to a student-friendly online submission form is forthcoming.

We have heard from students living at Pitzer@CCA in the past, and from Student Senate this past year, that transportation between Pitzer@CCA and Pitzer is an important element of the choice to live at Pitzer@CCA. With this in mind, Student Affairs, the Treasurer’s Office, and Facilities has been partnering with Student Senate representatives on transportation solutions. The following options will be available in the fall: 

  • Pitzer@CCA Shuttle: 
    • We continue to work on confirming shuttle logistics and will announce updates soon.  
    • Campus Safety, Safe Escort Program: 
    • Campus Safety will continue to provide free, 24/7, on-demand, no-questions-asked safe rides on-campus and to and from CCA to the Colleges. 
    • More information can be found on Campus Safety’s website under “Types of Services.” 
  • Green Bike Program (GBP) Loaner Bikes: 
    • The College is committed to increasing the number of loaner bikes GBP has available to students and is encouraging prioritization of CCA students in the lottery process. These bikes will come equipped with safety equipment including a helmet, bike lock, and lights. 
    • Any CCA students needing to obtain a bike from the GBP in order to get to and from campus please fill out this form  as soon as possible by August 16 so that we can activate the process of preparing bike access for you upon your arrival. 
  • Claremont Dial-A-Ride: 
    • This is a local service provided in collaboration with the Pomona Valley Transportation Authority and is an affordable alternative to Uber/Lyft. More information about curbside pick-up and drop-off within the Claremont community, Montclair Plaza Mall, Pomona Valley Hospital, group ride options for $1 additional per person, and more, can be found here.   
    • Any student, including Pitzer@CCA residents, wanting to obtain a Dial-A-Ride booklet please complete this form as soon as possible by August 16 so that we can activate the process of preparing access for you upon your arrival. 
  • Zipcar 
    • We are exploring adding Zipcar stations at Pitzer@CCA and at Pitzer for students who may wish to use this service. Additional updates will be provided upon confirmation of the enhanced partnership with Zipcar.
  • Foothill Transit 
    • All Claremont Colleges students are eligible for a free Class Pass to access Foothill Transit buses. 

Pitzer and Sister Campus Policies and Procedures Reminder 

Please remember to honor Pitzer’s student code of conduct policies and procedures in a time of COVID-19 as outlined within our Mindful of Each Other: Community Agreement, as well as those for sister campuses that can be found here.   

Fall 2021 Update from Student Health Services - 08.09.21

Dear Pitzer Students,

Below is an update from Dr. Prateek Jindal, Director of Student Health Services.

Dear 7C Students,

After more than 16 months away due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the eager moment where students can finally return to our beautiful campuses is finally upon us. We, here at Student Health Services (SHS), have been working diligently with various stakeholders across the 7Cs to ensure that our campuses are ready for you. Our planning began with great optimism as the efficacy of currently authorized vaccines started becoming clear. Even as our community now faces the delta variant, data so far points to continued great protection from these vaccines against serious illness, hospitalization, and death. Without these vaccines, I am not certain we could have even attempted to have students return for in-person instruction.

Public health regulations continue to evolve and impact our operations constantly, in response to local conditions. Currently, SHS is planning for a limited schedule for student appointments during the week of August 16th with normal operational schedule resuming the week of August 23rd. Starting August 16th, single dose J&J COVID vaccination will be available for students who still need to get vaccinated before the Fall session starts. Appointments will be conducted in-person unless a phone visit is specifically requested by the student. As a health care facility, masks will be required to be worn over the nose and mouth while at SHS at all times, regardless of your vaccination status.

Same-day and walk-in appointment requests will be accommodated as best as possible. However, in the event we cannot fit you in, you will be directed to our telehealth partner, 7C.Health. 7C.Health provides 24/7 on demand access (no appointment needed) to medical services for all students living domestically as well as mental health counseling to domestic and internationally based students. We have recently expanded our contract with 7C.Health and now students can even make scheduled telehealth appointments ahead of time for both medical visits as well as counseling visits. While this is a great option for students to have a timely consultation if they can’t get an appointment at SHS, I want to make sure students realize that they can utilize 7C.Health any time, if they prefer, not just when they can’t be seen at SHS.

SHS is committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, and mentally fulfilling upcoming academic year. Once again, we are excited and awaiting the return of students across our campuses. Please stay safe until then and during your travels to campus.


Prateek Jindal, DO
Director, Student Health Services