Students – COVID-19 Symptoms Protocol & Support

Exposure to COVID-19 can pose a serious risk to the health of the individual and those they may come in contact with. Any student experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or any student who believes they may have been exposed to COVID-19, should follow the following steps:

  1. Upon identifying the need for care, limit your contact with others, return to your room/apartment and stay away from community members.
  2. During business hours, call Student Health Services (SHS) directly (909) 621-8222.
    • They will ask you to describe your exposures and symptoms. If warranted, they will ask you to come in to be tested for COVID-19 or they may facilitate the test remotely.
  3. After hours/on weekends, please contact 7C.Health to speak with a medical provider. The 7C.Health medical provider will advise if a COVID test is recommended.
    • Pitzer on-call staff can help you access local COVID testing locations after hours/on weekends or may advise that you wait until SHS opens.
    • In case of a medical emergency, call Campus Safety (909) 607-2000.
  4. Test results may take 6-24 hours to process.
    • Before test results are known, residential students should continue to limit contact, wear a mask, wash hands, etc.
    • Vaccinations are a strong protection against COVID-19. So although we still want to ensure we test students who have symptoms, it is more likely that the student is sick with something other than COVID.
    • Students are encourage to report positive test results to on-call staff by calling Campus Safety. On-call staff will also be informed by SHS promptly.
  5. Upon receiving test results, SHS/medical staff will inform Student Affairs of their requested next steps, either:
    • A negative test result (the student can return to their room)
    • OR a positive test result (which means the student will need to be moved to isolation housing).
      • SHS and a member of the Student Affairs staff will reach out to you via phone to coordinate next steps.
      • They will be instructed to pack a “go bag” of items and will email them information on isolation housing, what to bring, and how to check-in.
  6. SHS will be coordinating Contact Tracing to identify “close contacts” to any student diagnosed with COVID
    • Students are required to be truthful and fully participate in the contact tracing process.
    • If a fully vaccinated student is identified as a close contact to a known COVID case, but is still asymptomatic, that student will be tested for COVID 5-7 days after last exposure and monitor their symptoms for 14 days.
    • If a student is fully vaccinated, a close contact, AND symptomatic, they will need to move to an isolation room until cleared by SHS.
    • Roommates/Suitemates will be contacted via the contact tracing process if they have been identified as a close contact after a diagnosis is received.
    • If a student believes they are a close contact, but has not been contacted by SHS, they are encouraged to reach out to SHS during business hours or to call Campus Safety and ask for the Pitzer Dean On Call after hours.
  7. Any transportation needed from beginning to end of potential COVID-19 exposure will be coordinated through Student Affairs and may be done via medical transport.
  8. More information about a student’s time in quarantine/isolation can be found here.

If you are off-campus and have been tested positive for COVID-19, please remain at home and call SHS/Campus Safety to initiate next steps for coordinated care.

It is critical that all individuals associated with Pitzer College who have been exposed or who have contracted COVID-19 immediately notify the College, whether on campus or not. Pitzer will keep an accurate accounting of all students affected by COVID-19.