COVID-19 Community Update

December 11, 2021

Dear Pitzer Students,

As we indicated in our message on Thursday, December 9, we are seeing an increase in COVID positive cases over the past several days across The Claremont Colleges. At Pitzer we now have five confirmed COVID cases this week. Other Claremont Colleges are also seeing a surge in cases. Therefore, it is imperative for Pitzer to practice more proactive Mindful of Each Other community guidelines.

Due to this increase of cases and that we are at the end of the semester, we must now further dedicate ourselves to COVID-19 prevention and public health efforts. In consulting our “COVID-19 Campus Alert Status” tiered structure, we have now moved to Alert Level 2: Moderate Transmission (Significant rise in cases over previous 1–2 weeks). As a result of this tier level change, we are now making the following changes to our community agreement. These changes are in effect now through the end of the semester. Finals and all academic activity will function as planned, at the discretion of each individual faculty.

Indoor Dining:

  • We will be reducing the capacity of indoor dining at McConnell Dining Hall immediately to provide increased social distancing inside.
  • When possible, we encourage students to take food “to-go” and eat outdoors.

No more 7C Guests in Residence Halls:

  • To reduce community spread, we are asking for all residential guests to be limited to ONLY Pitzer students for the remainder of the semester. No non-Pitzer guests allowed to visit or enter the halls/rooms.

Campus Departure:

  • We ask students to depart campus no more than 24 hours after their last final, unless they are scheduled to complete student employment or approved activities with College offices, including Winter break housing support.
  • If you would like to discuss changing travel arrangements, and need financial support to do so, please complete a HEERF funding application and we will review it promptly. Student Emergency Relief Grant

Reduced Non-Academic Student Gatherings:

  • We will no longer be registering student events (those over 30 people outdoors or indoors over 20 people) for the rest of the semester (any pre-registered events are now canceled).
  • All student organizations, groups and offices that had planned events for the rest of the semester will need to be cancelled.
  • We encourage students to only gather outdoors in small groups or indoors if essential college business.
  • We strongly encourage you to limit off-campus interactions, including non-academic interactions at sister campus.

GSC Fitness Center:

  • The fitness center will be operating at limited capacity for the remainder of the semester. Only 15 Pitzer community members will be allowed to use the fitness center at a time, limited to one hour a day.
  • All guests will be required to sign-in, limit their visit to one hour, and clean all equipment and machines after use. If time limit, cleaning, or masking protocols are not followed, guest will be asked to leave.
  • All other classes and events scheduled in the GSC will be cancelled for the duration of the semester.

Increased Student Testing:

  • All students who are still completing fall semester academic coursework or exams, student employment, or campus activities (this also includes any fitness or athletic activity) during finals week (Dec. 13-17) are required to test two times next week on Monday and Wednesday. If you experience an issue with your test schedule, please email Bryce Sternquist at [email protected].

Continued Masking:

  • Please ensure you are masking, as we always have been this semester, in any indoor spaces outside of your immediate suite/household unit. We also encourage you to mask outdoors if you are in a group/crowded setting.

Daily Health Screening and Self-Check:

  • We encourage all students, and especially those identified by SHS as “close contacts” to continue to check in with yourself each day and promptly identify and respond to any new symptoms. You can use the Healthy Pitzer daily symptom screening tool if you would like.
  • Please follow our symptoms protocol so we can ease your access to testing and medical guidance.
  • Upon return to campus for Spring, consistent with crossover dining, no in-person 5C events will be held from the beginning of the semester through February 7, pending evaluation of our COVID-19 case trends and student compliance with testing requirements.
  • We are all part of ensuring a safe end to our semester and prioritizing our academic mission, so please increase your vigilance and continue to engage in COVID safety precautions. We are very close to the end of our semester and we need your immediate help to ensure a reduction in transmission at the colleges.


Sandra Vasquez
Vice President for Students