Email Filtering and Spam/Junk Management (Staff and Faculty)


Service Description:

There are times when we need to manage our flow of campus e-mail more efficiently.  Pitzer uses IronPort to filter SPAM to Pitzer Exchange Server.

Please feel free to forward any questionable e-mails to [email protected] if assistance is needed confirming its legitimacy.

Available to:

Staff, Faculty

How to access the service:

Pitzer uses IronPort from Cisco to help filter out any unwanted messages from your Pitzer Exchange (Outlook) email account.  Outlook can also be configured to help manage and organize the often high-volume of incoming mail messages.

There will be daily reports from Ironport labeled “IronPort Spam Quarantine Notification”.  This is a list of all of the e-mails that Ironport has quarantined after suspecting it was SPAM or unsolicited marketing.  From this list, you can release e-mails that are legitimate and place that address on the “Safe list” so that they are no longer filtered.

Or you can log into Ironport directly to view all quarantined messages by visiting:  Ironport Login

Additionally, right-clicking on any e-mail in Outlook it will give a option to send it to “Junk Mail”.  Through Outlook you can create rules to do tasks like:

  • Move e-mails into folders based on the sender or title (great for daily articles or informational e-mail subscriptions).
  • Set up a list of approved or blocked senders and manage who can send you e-mails.
  • You can set up pop-up notification windows or sounds to alert you when a new e-mail has arrived from a specific sender or with a title.
  • Filter e-mails based on who it’s being sent to (great for Committee e-mails).
  • And much, much more!

Please be aware that marking an e-mail as “Junk” in Outlook has the potential to add that sender to a “blocked senders” list.  Both the Students and Staff listservs are moderated (they have to be reviewed before release), but the Faculty listserv is not, which results in a lot of SPAM/Junk being sent from the “[email protected]” address.  Marking these emails as “Junk” can potentially add “[email protected]” as a blocked sender.  If no emails are being received  from a subscribed distribution groups, check your Junk folder.

If assistance is needed with Ironport or Outlook filtering, please contact [email protected]


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