Meet a Pitzer Alumni Interviewer

Meet a Pitzer Alumni Interviewer

Name: Joshua Choate ’14


Hometown: Santa Monica, CA


Occupation: Social Media & Customer Service Specialist at ReviewInc


Why did you choose to attend Pitzer?

“I chose to attend Pitzer due to its promise of a well-rounded liberal arts education, a warm and welcoming community, and small, discussion-based classes. At Pitzer, a classroom discussion could consist of any subject, from American History and Economics to learning about indigenous peoples in Brazil, and the impact of colonialism on local populations. In a Pitzer classroom, you are exposed to new ideas and opposing views that will challenge you and give you the opportunity to grow and perfect your learning processes.”


What are the advantages of The Claremont Colleges?

The Claremont Colleges provide broad exposure to a consortium in which you will receive a communal education. I studied ancient history at Pitzer and Pomona, music and languages at Scripps, and science at Claremont McKenna. Studying at The Claremont Colleges allowed me to meet many amazing people from different backgrounds with a variety of ideas and experiences.”


What role do the core values play in a Pitzer education?

“Pitzer encourages its students to understand and care for the environment on both a local and global level. Pitzer wants its students to recognize the importance of social responsibility and student engagement by actively involving themselves in the Claremont and greater Los Angeles communities by engaging in community work and projects that better local populations through mutual respect and a common bond of understanding. Students can also expect a warm and welcoming community that cares about their ideas, and what they bring to the table. The professors encourage their students to incorporate their learning into their daily lives outside of the classroom through hands-on experience and active questioning of the world around them.”


How did Pitzer prepare you for your career?

“I train clients for ReviewInc, a technology startup in Woodland Hills, CA, where I instruct them in platform software use and provide customer support as needed. My Pitzer education allows me to take an open-minded approach to addressing clients’ questions and concerns, as well as to collaborate with my colleagues and apply the work ethic I developed at Pitzer to every task I take on. Pitzer helped me become both a well-rounded student and employee.”


What’s the best way for prospective students to get to know Pitzer?

“The best way to get to know Pitzer is through its people. I encourage prospective students to talk with current and former Pitzer students, tour the College, and inquire about Pitzer’s culture and experiences. Pitzer is made up of wonderful people who make it a special place to be. When you join Pitzer, you become part of a family that continues long after graduation.”