Study Abroad Adventures


Quentin Jenkins ’23


Studying abroad in the United Kingdom at the University of Birmingham was truly an enriching experience. As an exchange student, I was able to fully immerse myself in the country and the rich history and culture there. I studied at the school of social policy, and I was able to engage in critical conversations that expanded my perspective by learning about different social issues that are prevalent in the United Kingdom and other countries across Europe.

One of my favorite parts about studying abroad was the opportunity to travel to 7 other countries while I was there. I visited Italy, Greece, France, Malta, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain, and all of these countries played a role in my professional and personal development. I appreciate the opportunity I had to deepen my cross-cultural awareness!

My study abroad program experience was life changing, and I am so grateful to now have friendships with so many new people across the globe! My six months in the UK helped me realize that there truly is so much more to explore outside of America, and I recommend everyone that’s interested to study abroad at Pitzer!

Pitzer Exchange with the University of Birmingham

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Italy Kaila

Kaila Teague ’22


Studying abroad was truly a transformative experience for me. I participated in Pitzer’s program in Parma, Italy and had the once in a lifetime opportunity to be fully immersed in the Italian culture and language. The program consists of four courses: Art History, Italian Culture, Italian Language, and a Community-Based volunteership.

One of my favorite parts of studying abroad was my volunteer work through the Community-Based course. For my volunteership, I taught over 60 hours of English to Italian middle schoolers by preparing topics related to the culture of the United States including food, civil rights, my hometown, and more!

Studying abroad helped me to learn about the intricacies of Italian culture and see beautiful places like Florence, Venice, and Milan. I hope to travel back to Italy again in the future.

Pitzer in Italy Program

Sydney Gerteis ’23

Costa Rica

The Summer Health program in Costa Rica allowed me to study a universal health care system in the classroom, as well as through an internship in San Jose. With a cohort of twelve other Pitzer students, I was able to attend a morning internship well as a Sociology of Health and Medicine in Costa Rica class. We took intensive Spanish courses in the afternoon and then continued to practice our language skills in the evenings with our host families. My internship was at one of the public clinics where I was able to observe all sorts of appointments and how a universal health care system generally runs. During the weekends, the other Pitzer students and I would explore a new place in Costa Rica! We ended up zip lining, spotting animals on hikes, and lounging at the beach on our days off. After the program was over, some other students and I continued to travel throughout Central America. The program was the perfect mix of learning and fun, and I will always cherish the connections I took away from the experience!

Costa Rica Summer Health Program

Syd Costa Rica
Clara 5

Clara Fuget ’20


Spring of my junior year I spent six months in Ecuador as part of the Pitzer study abroad program. The time I spent there was life changing to say the least. The program was based out of Quito, the capital city in Ecuador. My host family became my own, the other students on the program became some of my closest friends, and the adventures we had together were uniquely our own. The Pitzer group trips we went on were experiences that I will most likely never have again, including an all expenses paid four day cruise through the Galapagos Islands. I swam with sharks, played with sea lions, and finally got to see some blue footed boobies!

While in Ecuador I assisted the Universidad de San Francisco, a private liberal arts institution very much like Pitzer, where I discovered a newfound interest for watercoloring while also getting to take a meditation class. I was in Ecuador for a total of 6 months, and I still haven’t had enough. Thus, I will be moving to Ecuador after graduation to see more of the country and hopefully more of South America as well. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to study abroad in such a wonderful country that Pitzer made so easy.

Pitzer in Ecuador Program

Talha Jilani ’20


I spent my junior year abroad in Paris through the Pitzer-Sciences Po Direct Enrollment Program. Focused mainly on topics pertaining to international relations and political science, Sciences Po allowed me to study challenging academic subjects in a very nuanced setting.

I had the privilege of taking classes taught by former politicians, authors and human rights activists, which made discussions extremely insightful. Through our classes, we were able to visit some of Paris’ most important institutions such as the National Assembly, UNESCO, and the Ministry of Armed Forces and interview various stakeholders. The program had a host family element to it which gave me an invaluable opportunity to not only learn more about the culture, but also hone my French speaking abilities.

Pitzer Exchange with Sciences Po

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Mariah 1

Mariah Jenkins ’20

New Zealand

In the spring of my junior year, I spent six months living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Frontiers abroad is an immersive geology focused study abroad opportunity. The program started off with a six week field camp that allowed for in-depth exploration of a variety of geologic processes that characterize both the south and north islands of New Zealand.

During the field camp I hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, mapped underground cave streams, swam in old volcanic crater lakes, and explored natural hot springs. For the other five months, I studied geology and environmental analysis at the University of Canterbury. I think that it is vital that future scientists consider; and engage in intercultural awareness. Personally, I want to one day ask questions about some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues, questions involving environmental change and disaster. These are global issues that require dynamic and global perspectives. And for that reason, I am so thankful that Pitzer made such an immersive experience possible for me.

Pomona Frontiers Abroad “Earth Systems” Program