Zander ’19


Zander ’19

Major: Organizational Studies, Psychology & Creative Writing

Currently: Instructional Designer at Xandr in New York City.

Post-graduation, I am currently an Instructional Designer at Xandr, a subsidiary of AT&T headquartered in New York City. Before Xandr existed, it was a start-up known as AppNexus, which I had interned at the summer before my senior year of college. I returned because I loved the culture and the people that I met while working and gaining experience in the tech industry, and the internship program created such a tight knit community that ended up returning with me as well. Having had previous experience working in journalism, finance, and education while in college, I knew that I wanted to find a role where I could further gain experience from the foundations that my earlier work experiences had provided me and utilize all three of my undergraduate majors. Through my job, I have developed a passion in creating inclusive e-learning classroom experiences, as I create content and curriculum for global clients. Even though I am a recent graduate, I am extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to step up and take on major roles in redeveloping our sales onboarding curriculum to train our sales teams, sync with leaders in product marketing and project management in preparation for product releases, and work on our platform certificate program.

My biggest piece of advice would have to be to take on any new opportunities that interest you during your time in college, because you never know what doors they can open. Despite working in financial services, I gained ideation and content creation experience after being asked to work a bit with the learning and development team at the company, and I also gained teaching experience while studying abroad and volunteering at a Dutch elementary school. That all helped support my case when applying for my current role, despite having no background in tech. Additionally, I would highly recommend finding someone you vibe with, and looking to them for mentorship. When I moved to Texas for an internship, despite having never been to the state and knowing no one there, I ended up meeting and befriending a VP of that company who I now look to for personal and professional advice whenever I need it, which has helped me in making major career and life decisions. 

As a Pitzer graduate who developed a greater knowledge about social justice, it was important for me to work for a company that offers opportunities to take time off to volunteer, which is promoted through the corporate social responsibility team at my office. Look for companies or organizations that fit your values, and focus your time on them, since finding a job is about both fitting in beyond your skills. Being Pitzer students, so many doors open up to the world to do good and to make immense impacts, and I know that Pitzer students have what it takes to make the most of them. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my education, and I still strive to improve every day because I am still find inspiration from my former classmates.