Study Skills

Controlling your study environment.
Tips from Virginia Tech. on setting up the right environment for studying.

Studying advice from students.
A short website of tips from fellow students.

Study skills.
A web page with several links to various study skills topics.

Study skills links.
A web page with many links, some of them specific to particular subjects (e.g. biology & chemistry)

A proven method for getting the most out of your reading.

Study Tips.
A website of study tips from Ohio State Univ.

How to Study.
A website with various links on how to study.

Reading poetry.
This website provides tips on how to read poetry.

Study groups.
Some quick tips from the Univ. of Minnesota at Duluth on how to take advantage of studying in groups.

More on study groups.
A nice pdf document from U.C. Berkeley on forming and taking advantage of study groups.