Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

The Teaching and Learning Committee has merged with the Campus Life Committee to create the new Teaching, Learning, and Campus Life Committee (TLCLC).

Please visit the Teaching, Learning, and Campus Life Committee (TLCLC) website for funding opportunities.

Archived materials below:

The goals of the Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) are to help faculty improve their teaching, to help students improve their learning, and to develop opportunities for conversation and reflection among faculty, students, and staff around topics of teaching and learning. The TLC aims to facilitate the creation of a culture of critical reflection on teaching and learning by responding to the needs expressed by all constituencies of the college. Since the committee is composed of representatives from all three groups, the process of learning is viewed as one that we all share and that by its very nature transcends the boundaries of the classroom and the campus to include everything that we experience.

By supporting ongoing networks of communication throughout the campus community, the TLC seeks to bring a higher level of understanding, deeper reflection, and renewed purpose to our efforts to become responsible global citizens in the increasingly complex and interrelated world in which we live.

NOTE: During the COVID-19 Pandemic our criteria for accepting funding requests may vary to accommodate social distancing and other factors. Our criteria for accepting funding applications will resume to normal after the pandemic has ended.