Academic Resources & Planning

GOAL I:  Broaden the interdisciplinary landscape and expand academic resources to better equip students to engage holistically with the complex problems of the world.

  • Create new interdisciplinary strategies, leveraging existing academic programs, both to guide and respond to students’ changing academic interests.
  • Rethink the allocation of faculty lines through cross-disciplinary, faculty-led conversations, to advance the College’s academic plans and priorities.
  • Further integrate Keck Science into traditional core academic programming to expand interdisciplinary learning opportunities and promote creativity and innovation in the sciences.
  • Improve student learning by using added resources to create new program offerings, enhance academic space and technology, support increased enrollment at Keck Science, and support existing faculty lines and majors.
  • Enhance academic support services to better meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body.
  • Reimagine the first and second year student experiences in ways that increase retention and improve academic and career advising.