Strategic Planning Update: November 1, 2018


Greetings, Pitzer Community,

I’m writing to share a brief update on the strategic planning process that kicked off with a campus visit from our consultant, Keeling & Associates, in early October.  K&A returns to Pitzer next week, November 5-7, to hold additional meetings with campus stakeholders.  Here is some important information for you in advance of their visit.

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

  • SPC work is underway.  The SPC has appointed Brinda Sarathy and Don Gould to serve as co-chairs and has been busy seeking participants for the Working Groups and discussing how best to gather and organize input from the campus.

Working Groups

  • The SPC is assembling the Working Groups. We will share a complete list of participants with you as soon as membership is finalized.  One of the original Working Groups, Facilities and IT, has been consolidated with the Financial Sustainability Working Group to integrate planning efforts in those two areas.
  • Each Working Group has appointed facilitators to lead the groups:
    • Financial Sustainability/Facilities & IT:  Laura Troendle, Treasurer
    • Academic Planning:  Melissa Coleman, Professor of Biology, and Brendan Schultz, Student Senate
    • Campus Life and Climate:  Mike Segawa, Vice President for Student Affairs

Keeling & Associates – Campus Visit Nov. 5-7

  • The team from Keeling & Associates, our strategic planning consultant, will return to campus next week, November 5-7, to meet with members of the Pitzer community.  The SPC has identified a broad representative set of individuals and groups from across the Pitzer community for these meetings.
  • K&A will be hosting Idea Wall sessions in the McConnell Hall lobby Monday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tuesday, 3-6 p.m.  Pitzer students, faculty, and staff will have the chance to post their thoughts about important strategic planning questions and respond to comments from others.  This is a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas with your friends and colleagues. Please make an effort to stop by and share your thoughts!

Upcoming Events

  • K&A will administer an anonymous survey to all Pitzer students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and trustees after the Thanksgiving holiday.  The survey will include some open-ended questions that will give you an additional opportunity to share your thoughts.  More information to come.
  • Over the holidays, K&A will organize and review all the information that has been shared – the community input from meetings held last year, ideas shared in meetings with K&A during campus visits, Idea Wall input and survey results.
  • K&A will return to campus in late January/early February 2019 to present planning themes that emerged from these inputs.  We will host additional meetings, including a town hall meeting, to discuss these themes and gauge whether they fairly represent the community’s views.
  • The SPC and other community members will then meet with K&A in March to further develop the themes into a draft planning document which will be reviewed by the community before it is finalized as the new Strategic Plan.

Information about the planning process can be found here:   Please contact me if you have questions or concerns and thank you for your continued support!

Provida Futuri,

Jamie Jorgensen