February 12, 2024

Dear Pitzer Community,

Last night, at the invitation of the Student Senate, I attended a meeting at which the Senate passed a resolution recommending the suspension of the direct-enroll Study Abroad program with the University of Haifa. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the meeting and listen to the discussion. In anticipation of possible media inquiries, the College has prepared a brief statement, which I share with you all below.

In the spirit of constructive dialogues, I look forward to continuing the conversation around these issues.

Provida Futuri,

Strom C. Thacker

College Statement:

Pitzer College is aware of the resolution passed by the Student Senate and respects the right of that elected body to act within our shared governance structure. It should be noted that the Student Senate does not speak for the College, nor does it represent the views of all Pitzer students. 

President Thacker is committed to the educational mission of the College, to academic freedom, and to maintaining a safe and productive campus learning environment for all. The president will not accept—if and when that time comes—any College resolution antithetical to these principles. 

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