Microaggressions and other manifestations that marginalize students

Students of color experience microaggressions and other “manifestations of oppressive structures that marginalize students” both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Student Demand Letter demands that:

  • “faculty, student leaders, and staff” receive training that focuses on the above manifestations.

Possible Solutions

Create training programs for students, faculty, and staff.

  1. Students can undergo required training during new student orientation much like they currently are provided for alcohol awareness and Title IX.
  2. Annual staff evaluations should be modified to address employee performance in these areas.
  3. Staff Council Representatives (SCR) have proactively requested a Mandatory Staff Diversity Education Series to ensure regular, ongoing, and in-person training for all staff on a variety of diversity and social justice topics. The first workshop titled “Having Inclusive Conversationswith Students” by Prof. Becky Wai-Ling Packard will be held on Thu. Feb. 4 from 8:00-9:20 am in Benson Auditorium.
  4. Faculty will be provided development opportunities in conjunction with the new social justice graduation requirements, which include issues of race, class, and culture. A workshop titled, “Equity
    Mindedness in Introductory ‘Gateway’ Courses” by Prof. Becky Wai-Ling Packard will be held on Thu. Feb 4 from 9:40-11:00 am in Broad Performance Space. See also item 26 for more information.
  5. 7C Associate Deans are looking into options.
  6. Teaching evaluations could be revised to include markers of cultural sensitivity/classroom climate. Annual reviews could address feedback in these areas. APT process could also assess faculty accomplishments in these areas.

Point Person(s)

  1. VP OSA / Student Affairs
  2. H.R. Director
  3. SCR, H.R., and Interim President
  4. DOF
  5. Associate Dean of Faculty
  6. APT, DOF, FEC


  1. in progress
  2. in progress
  3. in progress
  4. in progress
  5. in progress