October 9, 2023 

Dear Pitzer Community, 

I write to express my deepest concerns and condolences for the many hundreds of lives of Israelis, Palestinians, and others lost and thousands injured over the past few days in Israel and Gaza. While we are geographically far from this conflict, it touches close to home for those in our community who have had loved ones perish, threatened, or injured in this horrific violence, and for all of us who mourn such profound losses.

 I encourage all those affected to seek support. Please know that these resources are here to help, both now and more broadly: 

Pitzer Student Affairs
● Pitzer Dean on Call: 909-607-2000
Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services
7C Health
McAlister Center for Religious Activities 

Office of Human Resources ([email protected], 909-621-8254)
Employee Assistance Program (800-234-5465) 

In my short time here at Pitzer I have come to appreciate deeply our community-oriented spirit. I am especially grateful for the ways in which our shared community comes together in support of each other during our times of greatest need. Thank you. 

Provida Futuri, 
Strom C. Thacker