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Wednesday, July 22

General Forum on Teaching: Come Learn About Your Future in the Classroom This Fall Semester

Meet professors Michelle Berenfeld (Classics), Darin Brown (Psychology), Carmen Fought (Linguistics), Maya Federman (Economics), Jemma Lorenat (Math), and Andre Wakefield (History). Each professor will speak for 5-7 minutes about their upcoming teaching at Pitzer, and about why this fall is important.

A Q&A session will follow the presentations.

Thursday, July 23

Elections, Prison Education, and Community Partners in Fall 2020: How to Leverage Online Classes for Social and Political Change

This panel will explore community engagement and civic engagement opportunities, including profiling our Inside Out program. Included are professors Nigel Boyle (IGLAS director), Adrian Pantoja (Political Studies/Chicano Studies), Tessa Hicks Peterson (Urban Studies), and Kathy Yep (Asian American Studies) along with CEC Managing Director Tricia Morgan (Education).

Friday, July 24

PRAXIS in a Pandemic: How we will teach you art, photography, media studies, language and science in your living room

Meet with professors Juanita Aristizábal (Modern Languages), Tim Berg (Art), Ruti Talmor (Media Studies), Tarrah Krajnak (Photography) and Sarah Budischak (Biology) and learn about their innovative teaching plans for Fall 2020.