Faculty & Student Consultation Hours

Any student may contact one of the faculty listed here for an individual session–we welcome queries particularly from those students who are still trying to decide about enrollment for next term.

NameField or specializationEmail
Bill AnthesArt, Art History, American Studies (contemporary art and theory, Native American art, art and animals, art and environment)[email protected]
Ruti Talmormedia studies[email protected]
Susan PhillipsEnv Analysis, Community Engagement, Am Studies[email protected]
Leah HermanInternational Scholars Program[email protected]
Linus YamaneEconomics, Asian American Studies[email protected]
Paul FaulstichEA[email protected]
Daniel SegalHistory; Anthropology[email protected]
Juanita AristizábalSpanish and Portuguese, Latin American Cultures[email protected]
Jesse Lernermedia studies[email protected]
Ethel JorgeSpanish[email protected]
Tim BergStudio Art[email protected]
Carmen FoughtLinguistics[email protected]
Elise FerreeBiology[email protected]
Jeffrey LewisOrg. Studies[email protected]
Mike BrownBiology[email protected]
Sumangala BhattacharyaEnglish & World Lit[email protected]
Jemma LorenatMath, STS[email protected]
Suyapa PortilloCHLT/Pitzer[email protected]
Michelle BerenfeldClassics/Archaeology/Ancient Art[email protected]
Nancy WilliamsChemistry, LGBT+ issues[email protected]
Michael BallaghNew Resource/Transfer students; study abroad/international education[email protected]
Menna BizunehEconomics[email protected]
Nigel BoyleIGLAS/Political Studies[email protected]
Ming-Yuen MaMedia Studies[email protected]
Phil ZuckermanSociology[email protected]
Marcus RodriguezPsychology[email protected]
Sarah GilbertStudio Art, Art History and Theory, Gender and Feminist Studies[email protected]

The students listed are making themselves available to have open conversations and consultation regarding the options and opportunities available to you this fall. 

NamePositionInterests (academically)Email
Becca ZimmermanSenPresPolitical Studies, Economics[email protected]
Cameron StockfordSenate VP of FinanceNeuroscience (STEM)[email protected]
Leah KellyFaculty Executive Committee[email protected]
Nicki AquinoVP of Student EngagementSpecial Majors, Asian American Studies, Sociology, community engagement[email protected]