Audio-Visual Services


Service Description:

Our team specializes in audio and visual technology and will assist in:

  • Managing sound and presentation equipment for staff, faculty, and students.
  • Providing the appropriate media resources and tools needed for course-related presentations and other academic events.
  • Maintenance and support of classroom technology.
  • Equipment set-up in almost any on-campus space.
  • Access to the film/video library resources.
  • Assistance and training with operating equipment.
  • Trained staff support at special events.
  • Media digitizing and duplicating services.
  • Technology consulting for events, classes, and presentations.

Available to:


How to access the service:

To request our services, please use EMS to reserve your campus space and indicate that you require AV Assistance.  We will follow up with you after your reservation is processed.

  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Phone:  (909) 607-2638 (x72638)
  • Office Location:  McConnell Center 100


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