Migrating Data to New Computer

When moving your data to a new computer, the following are steps data back and migration.

  1. Organize – If not already using your Pitzer based Box account, please log into Box and create a new folder for all your data. For example, create a “Backup [today’s date]” folder that you can use add any existing and new folders you need to help you stay organized.
  2. Bookmarks – If you log in to your browser, your favorites, bookmarks, etc should all be synced and will reappear when you log into the same browser on your new computer. However, if you have bookmarks saved locally, or you want to be extra safe, you can export all of them to a file and move that file to Box. Follow the instructions for each browser:
  3. Files – Any files that are synced with Box Drive will automatically be saved and moved to your new computer. Any files stored locally on your current computer will have to be moved manually. Some examples might be:
    • Documents folder
    • Pictures folder
    • Music folder
    • Video folder
    • Files on Desktop

For any assistance, please contact the Pitzer IT Help Desk.