Event Marketing Guidelines and Restrictions

Pitzer College requires and appreciates the following disclaimer to be included wherever someone could reasonably interpret your event is endorsed or officially associated with the academics and programming at Pitzer College.


__Your Organization Name__ is not affiliated with Pitzer College or The Claremont Colleges.


  • You may not use any Pitzer College logo or variation of the logo without permission from the Office of Communications.
  • You may not claim ownership of campus locations on websites, publications or platforms such as, but not limited to, your website, advertisements, Google maps and social media.

Usage Examples

  • We require the disclaimer be displayed anywhere event information and the location are listed together.
  • Such as but not limited to “About,” “Event,” “Location,” “Registration,” pages, printed materials or marketing and event emails.
  • The disclaimer should be clearly visible in an unobtrusive manner.


  • You are not required to list the disclaimer on indexes such as news listings, upcoming events, event archives or other brief listings that link to informational pages where the location and event are listed together with the disclaimer.
  • You are not required to list the disclaimer on social media even when the location is shared.
  • You are not required to list the disclaimer where information is provided but the location is not indicated.

If you have any questions about these restrictions and guidelines, please contact [email protected]