New Enrollment Option for Spring/Summer 2021

This post has been archived. The information below may be outdated.

December 9, 2020

Dear Pitzer Community:

As indicated in President Oliver’s recent message, we do not expect to be able to bring students back to campus for a residential experience in January 2021. This is disappointing news and a consequence of the worsening COVID-19 pandemic. It also means that we are preparing for spring courses to be offered online.

During fall semester, many Pitzer students expressed difficulty and experienced stress taking four classes online. To facilitate student progress and reduce some of this online burden, I am pleased to announce that Pitzer College has created an optional 3+1 enrollment pathway for the spring 2021 semester. This new alternative will allow students to take three courses in spring 2021 and one in summer 2021 at the full tuition rate for spring semester only. This optional pathway should not alter spring financial aid packages for students who receive financial aid based on full-time enrollment.

The 3+1 enrollment option is considered full-time enrollment and supplements Pitzer’s usual tuition and enrollment structure in which students take four classes in a single semester. In short, students who plan to enroll full-time at Pitzer during the spring 2021 semester will be able to choose one of two enrollment paths: 1) take four spring semester classes as usual, or 2) take three in the spring and one in summer. Tuition costs for both paths are the same: full tution paid for spring semester.

I am providing below some general information about the new 3+1 enrollment option and how it will roll out after the first of the year. In addition, planning for summer school 2021 has just begun, and I am able to provide some general information about it at this time. More information on both the 3+1 enrollment option and summer school will be available in January. At that time, if you have questions about the 3+1 option and your financial aid package, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid. Here, I simply wanted to make you aware of these academic opportunities.

Wishing you the best for a restful semester break.

Allen M. Omoto, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of Faculty
Pitzer College

3+1 Enrollment Option

In the 3+1 enrollment option, students are responsible for full-time tuition for spring semester, but then enroll in three classes in the spring 2021 semester and one non-refundable class in Pitzer’s 2021 summer session. This 3+1 enrollment option gives students a reduced course load for spring semester, while also committing them to additional weeks of summer school. The clear benefit of this option is that students will be able to complete their usual four Pitzer classes this academic year and without having to take more than three online classes at one time.

It is important to note that this is the only alternative full-time enrollment option for spring semester (i.e., no 2+2 option), and the one summer class must be taken through Pitzer’s 2021 summer session, currently scheduled to be online and to run May 24 – July 2. Students are not permitted to take Independent Study as their summer class with this 3+1 enrollment option; they must enroll in a regular course from the Pitzer summer schedule. In addition, seniors who opt for the 3+1 enrollment option will not officially graduate until they have successfully completed all of their Pitzer and major/minor requirements.

As noted above, more details about the 3+1 option will be available in January. At this time, the plan is for students to actively choose the 3+1 enrollment option no later than Feb 5, 2021, and that once chosen, that this option is non-revocable. The summer course offerings will be available in mid-January, and before students must commit to the 3+1 enrollment option.

2021 Summer School

Students who do NOT take the 3+1 enrollment option, as usual, will be able to enroll in summer school class(es) and pay a per class tuition rate. Students opting for the 3+1 spring enrollment option who wish to take two summer school classes will pay the regular per class tuition rate for their second class. Enrollment in summer school, either through the 3+1 option or separately, does not entitle students to campus housing or housing assistance. Finally, limited financial aid may be available for students who receive financial aid for summer school courses taken outside of the 3+1 enrollment option. More information on summer school will be available by mid-January.