Planned SCE Power Outage Monday

NOTICE: On Monday, January 29, Southern California Edison will be making repairs that require the Claremont Colleges to be powered via TCC substation generators. We will be on generator power from 2 a.m. to 5 p.m., therefore all chillers will be offline in an effort to reduce power. Please conserve energy when it is possible and safe to do so.

We should expect that non-critical air conditioning, lighting and equipment will be shut down. In order to manage this outage, Pitzer community members are asked to please assist us with the following:

  • Please shut off your lights when possible
  • Use available sunlight to illuminate your work space
  • Unplug any electronics that are not being used
  • If you see an empty room with the lights on, shut them off
  • Please refrain from using fans and space heaters


September 8 – President’s Open House