My Vacation Part 2

So I am very impressed by Laura’s reasoning skills. I was surprised that she figured out that I traveled to Belize over the holidays and climbed the high temple at Lamanai. It started pouring when we reached the temple so I had to climb it in the rain, but the view was well worth it.

DSCN1647 DSCN1649 DSCN1650 DSCN1651

By coincidence I even ended up wearing my Pitzer tee-shirt while climbing the ruins.


On top of climbing ruins (haha what a pun) I also did some fishing. Check out the three foot barracuda I caught. (The hand belongs to my Dad).



He was a nasty looking guy, but boy did he taste great.


The view was amazing while I ate him.
Overall it was am amazing vacation and got me ready to go through all that mail I showed you earlier this week. (And by the way, we are still going through it)
Since I am still shocked that someone figured out my last picture so quickly, I am going to add one final round of Where in the World is Cecil the Sagehen?
Angel 2 copy
As you can probably tell, Cecil had to stay in Angel’s hotel room that day. It was a little bit cold for sagehens to be out, but I photoshopped him in for your pleasure. Can anyone guess where Angel and Cecil went for the holidays?

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